Your Story With Daz

Discover how the Daz ecosystem facilitates character development through body customization, wearables, and rich environments. You have all the tools to construct any scene. See the power of Daz Studio, our 3D Genesis character creator and our store, through our interactive tour below

    • 00
    • Character Creation
    • Choose from hundreds of pre-existing figures
    • 01
    • Shape Adjustment
    • Customize body shape with intuitive sliders
    • 02
    • Wardrobe Selection
    • Mix and match outfits and accessories for a unique look
    • 03
    • Dynamic Hairstyles
    • Select and adjust 3D hair assets for your character
    • 04
    • Poses and Refinement
    • Use and refine predefined character positions
    • 05
    • Environment Crafting
    • Set your scene with our extensive environment options
    • 06
    • Composition
    • Craft compelling visuals using Daz Studio's user-friendly UI
    • 07
    • Lighting
    • Enhance your scene's mood with tailored lighting
    • 08
    • Atmosphere
    • Immerse your characters with atmospheric effects


Explore hundreds of unique characters in our store to find the best suited figure for your narrative


Use Daz’s Essential Shape Bundle to easily customize your character's physique. From masculine to feminine features, our intuitive sliders allow complete control

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Change your character's style with our 3D hair assets. Every option is customizable and seamlessly integrates with your chosen figure

Pose &

Begin with a diverse range of preset poses. Dive deeper by refining each pose, thanks to our fully-rigged Genesis character system, ensuring your creative intent is perfectly captured


Amplify your narrative by selecting from preset environment bundles or combine elements from various sets to create a unique backdrop for your story


Composition is the heart of a captivating image. Utilize Daz Studio's user-friendly interface to craft visuals that grasp your viewer's attention instantly

Light &

With Daz Studio, create a vibrant mood for your scenes with our lighting kits and crafted render settings. Illuminate your environments strategically to emphasize drama and depth


Complete your scene by adding atmospheric effects. From rain to fog, our tools and kits bring your narrative to life, adding depth and realism

3D software

Daz Studio and Daz Install Manager are your essential tools. Use Studio to craft your designs, while DIM keeps all your content organized in one place

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