PC+ Next - Quest and XP System

Experience (Abbreviated to XP) in PC+ Next is gained through daily, weekly, or lifetime quests, purchases, or other factors that are TBD.

Gaining Experience

Players gain experience for simply playing the game, in anyway they want, be it fighting AI all day or ranking up. Each game gives a different amount of experience that diminishes over games played, eventually down to zero. Each source of experience has its own max amount that it can give separate from the others, and each source has separated experience pools for the result of the match, one pool each for winning, tying, and losing. Once one pool is empty, players can still gain experience from the other pools. All experience pools are reset daily. Experience is set up so that to drain all experience pools, one would need to play 10 or more hours of games. There is a separate First wins of the day bonus for PVP and Labs. This means that players can gain the 3 First wins bonuses in PVP, and then gain them again by winning 3 games in a Lab.

Experience Pools

Source Result Number of games Experience
First wins of the day* Win 1 400 XP Bonus
2 200 XP Bonus
3 100 XP Bonus
PVP Win 1 or more 200 XP
Lose or Tie 1-4 100 XP
5-10 50 XP
11 or more 0 XP
Friend Challenges Win 1-5 200 XP
6+ 0 XP
Lose or Tie 1-5 100 XP
6+ 0 XP
AI Win 1-10 100 XP
11 or more 50 XP
Lose or Tie 1-4 50 XP
5-10 25 XP
11 or more 0 XP
Expedition Win 1 or more 100 XP
Lose or Tie 1-5 50 XP
6 or more 0 XP
Finish 0 wins 50 XP
1 win 150 XP
2 wins 250 XP
3 wins 400 XP
4 wins 600 XP
5 wins 800 XP
6 wins 1000 XP
7 wins 1500 XP

Daily Quests

Another way to gain a large amount experience quickly are the daily quests. Players get one daily quest every day, along with 1 reroll. A max of 3 daily quests and 2 rerolls can be stored, if a player has 3 daily quests or 2 rerolls, they will no longer receive quests and rerolls daily. Daily quests can give either 1000 or 1500 experience. Rerolls can roll 1000 XP quests into 1500 XP, and vice versa. Because of this, not completing 1000 XP daily quests to reroll them for the 1500 XP quests is a viable strategy to get the most XP out of the daily quests.

Daily quests can be completed in any mode, PVP, AI, Expeditions, or even with friends. Meaning the fastest way to complete quests is with a friend, where both players set up ideal conditions to complete their quests as quickly as possible. Having a friend surrender will instantly complete some quests.


Milestone XP Required From Previous Total XP Required Reward
1 Completing First Four Tutorials 0 New Deck
2 50 50 Core Bundle
3 100 150 Epic Bundle
4 100 250 Core Bundle
5 100 350 Core Bundle

Region Rewards

Experience gained through playing games progresses one of the 6 regions in the game. As players gain experience it fills up a meter and gives various rewards at milestones. There are 25 different rewards for each region that get progressively better.


Milestone XP Required From Previous Total XP Required Reward
1 250 XP 250 XP Rare Wildcard
2 500 XP 750 XP Capsule
3 750 XP 1500 XP Bronze Chest
4 1000 XP 2500 XP Wild Capsule
5 1250 XP 3750 XP Silver Chest

Change Log

  • The Vault
    • Level 2+ now rewards
    • Level 5+ now rewards
    • Level 10+ now rewards
    • After Level 13, you can now
  • Expedition wins
    • 16+ wins increased to 100 (Full XP) from 0
  • Friend Challenge XP:
    • Wins:
    • Losses/Ties