Interactive Licenses

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Interactive Licenses

What the Standard License Agreement covers:

Whenever you purchase 3D content from Daz, it comes with certain rights that allow you to use that content. Some of those rights include the ability to:

  1. Render Images
  2. Render Videos
  3. Render HDRIs and/or Virtual Reality (VR) scenes

Any 2D artwork you produce and render out is completely owned by you (unless specified otherwise on the product page). You can use your 2D works commercially, modify them, sell them, or promote them, as protected by the End User License Agreement (EULA). This is because the end product is a 2D render (your artwork) of the 3D model, as opposed to the original 3D Content.

When you should get an Interactive License:

An Interactive License is required when using or distributing 3D content from the Daz 3D store, whether modified or in its original form, in video games or other applications. This is because apps and video games use, alter, or manipulate the original 3D data, rather than 2D rendered images (one exception being content created using a stack of renders, such as a sprite — in which case the standard agreement would suffice).

While plenty of 3D Content from Daz comes with an Interactive License option, select items do not — the creator of each product chooses whether or not to offer an Interactive License. If no Interactive License options are offered for a product, it is not an option for using in an app, game, or video game (as a 3D asset).

Unless otherwise specified, these licenses are not eligible for returns or refunds.

Read the full rights of the EULA here. More details on Interactive Licenses can be found in Section 3.0.

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