2 down, not sure how many more to come (Carrara terrain flythrough projects)

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Heya, just wanted to share a few animations I've been doing for a musician in Honduras, something he likes to use on big screen during his live concerts. Jose Luis Suazo is his name, aka eMaya. If you're in Honduras and have had an opportunity to attend one of his concerts be sure to share your experience.

Here are two animations I've done. Nothing really hugely difficult, admittedly, just time consuming in render times, and a few custom adjustments for flight paths (Camera positioning and angles).

Cazador del Curevo - Raven Hunter


Thanks for watching!



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    The flyover animations were excellent but the animated scene swipes rather distracting, simple fades would have looked more serene.
    I found the grid breaking into squares one particulary annoying esp since the actual 3D footage was so nice.
    the part where it spun around 360 sideways made me feel a tad airsick (I get airsick and seasick though) but it was very effective and would look awesome on a big screen (rather than a 7" Samsung Galaxy android tablet which I watched it on).

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    Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I'll try to keep it simpler in future versions. He's sending me more music tracks soon he said.


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    Very nice! These look like places that I fly to in my best dreams. I actually liked the scene wipe that looked like ripples in a pool of water.

    What resolution do you render these to for the big screen? And what codec are you using?

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