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Hello everyone! Sorry if this is in the the wrong section but I wasn't sure where to put it.

So here's a quick run down of what I'm looking to do. I'm making a 3D film with a combination of programs (mostly DAZ, POSER and Cinema 4D). I've managed to get it down to a tight workflow except for one last big hurdle, and that's hair.

My workflow is this, I do motion capture using a XBOX 360 Kinect with IPI Studio and export to a BVH file. I then take the BVH file and convert it aniblocks and combine it with lip sync from Mimic. Once I have all the motions down I export the data to PZ2 and apply it to my character in poser. I then apply clothes and use the cloth room to simulate dynamic dresses and such. then I send the final animation to cinema 4d through interposer to do lights and rendering.

But hair is the only thing I can't figure out. I'm really not good at styling so I have to rely on purchased products but can't seem to get the dynamics to work. I found a few tutorials online to convert the hair to cloth and simulating it that way, but it's mainly geared towards a hair model the creator made himself. I also tried getting a couple of dynamic hair models for hair room that look good in poser but don't render correctly in Cinema 4D. I tried doing the hair in Cinema 4D but couldn't get anything that looks convincing. This is the last hurdle I need to overcome before I can just start animating! Does any one have any advice? Thanks guys!!


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    You could Try Dynamic Hair which moves naturally But you have to know how to use dynamic controls

    Other than that I have never seen "Mocaps" for conforming hair.Hair .. I usually have to make my conforming hair models movements by hand posing the movement into the key-frames. individually. easier said than done. Hair can be difficult to animate. Even in the Pixar movie "Brave" I read they had used over 70 people just for Marida's hair movements.

    Good luck.

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