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One thin programs like LIGHTWAVE has and I am sure the other big name 3d application have I wish we had in Carrara is LAYERs.

Specially in the UV UNFOLD area!

If I have an object that has symmetry and you have 2 mirrored section in the unfold room is I like to over lap them and line up every point and line.

If you DO it now and LOSS your selection of the one your working on Over the other one you will play hell getting it off the other one!


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    Hi Richard :)

    You can Name a selection of Polygons ..Selection / Name.
    then you can use "Select by" Name.

    As for positioning the selection , there isn't a Flip / Mirror option, but you can use the rotate tool to rotate that selection.
    If you Hold Shift, it'll snap to 45 degree jumps.
    You'll also get more precision in scaling or moving if you hold shift.

    Hope it helps :)

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    had nevefr considerd naming the polys! THANKS

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    It can make things much easier to work with,. it's one of those things I picked up the habit of when using 3D Max,
    Name things properly, then it's easy to select the right thing when you want it.

    Sometime it's really annoying in Carrara when you Name a vertex object in the instance list, but still need to go to the Objects panel and name it again. Even if you've named the Object in the Vertex modeller, it's still called Vertex model in the Objects list and instance list.
    It would be nice if it took the name of the object from the vertex modeller.

    It's a bit like the shader issue,.
    You make a new shader and it automatically calls it "Shader", or Shader1, Shader2 etc.
    it makes it a real PITA to have to keep switching to the Shader panel and then finding the right shader, and naming it.

    It would be nice if there was a Pop up asking you to Name the New shader you've just made.

    I feel a feature request....

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