Poser 2012 keeps locking up on me

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I have Poser 2012 and i'm about to give up on the program because the program is locking up on me all the time. I've opened task manager when Poser locks up and beside the line for poser.exe it will say in red "program not responding" and the memory and cpu percentages will stall in the 30-50% range (sometimes more). if i restart my pc it seems to fix the program for awhile.

I am running Windows 8 Pro 64 bit and my PC has a Intel COre i5 CPU 3.20 ghz with 8 GB of ram. My Dell Inspirion 580 can't have more than 8 GB of memory according to Dell so that isn't a solution. My vidio card is a Nvidia GeoForce GT 220. I think all the drivers are updated and i have the lastest Poser update.

Does anyone have any solution for me. I want to have scenes that are more complex than one character. If i have a character or two in a scene Poser will lock up.

It's not just when i render a scene (actually that's not when it happends), it's when i'm scrolling through the library or when i add a character or prop or apply a MAT.

Any ideas. i'm lost.


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    Have you applied the service releases to your copy of Poser?

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    Do you have virus software running, and if so, which one?

    Is there any other software running in the background? It kinda sounds like a memory problem.

    What render settings are you using? Can you post a screenshot?

    Look under Preferences and check settings there. I'd elaborate on this, but I don't have Poser in front of me right now.

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    There are some great threads out there about Windows 8 and Poser 2012 on RuntimeDNA...
    some people are experiencing major slow downs when using Avast Anti-Virus.



    May also want to try using Windows 7 or Windows XP compatibility mode if you can do it...

    I'm currently going through the process of preparing my new computer to install Windows 7 64-bit for Poser Pro 2012 and other 3D apps for the purpose of taking full advantage of the Nvidia CUDA drivers in Windows. Many high end 3d applications recommend Windows 7 Pro 64-bit over Windows 8.

    Hope you're able to overcome the issue.

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