um, what happened to the D/S installers for MFD???

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Was trying again, hoping to find that maybe the legacy file would appear, but no, rather another vanishing!

No .trx files at all.


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    "DSON Core" = trx.exe file for 4.5. It would be nice if they just showed the stupid file names.

    That said, from what you're showing, it does look like the legacy files for MFD have disappeared. You might want to send a customer support request to Sales about that.

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    It never had 'legacy' files sadly ... and yeah, they heard from me.... was hoping that as other products are now showing legacy that they'd have one for MFD, it's like one of the 'must have' items so leaving it out of the loop really doesn't make sense.

    edit: when first sold it had .dsf files ... then the file was changed a point in numbers and had only .duf files. That was out as well as the previous DSON file ... so I gather then they've found a way to combine DSON and .duf ... so like, .dsf wouldn't be hard to include. It's not like they never had one. I could email them my copy if it's like totally lost over there in DazLand. They'd have to put it into an installer though 'cause I don't make installers.

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