My browser problem is back...

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And now Google Chrome is doing it too!

I go onto the Daz website and I get this stupid page where I can't do anything!

No idea how to clear my cache and internet history in Google Chrome.

DAZ, can't you work out a fix so we users don't get this problem all the time?! PLEASE do so! I'm tired of having this headache.

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    No problems here using FF.

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    For a while, I had no problems either, using Google Chrome. Now, all of a sudden it's doing the same thing as IE9. >:-(

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    Good link Patience. Also, IIRC, when I had Chrome on my old laptop I seem to remember there are settings, but it's been a while since I've used it so don't remember where they are specifically, where you can change how Chrome acts. IOW, it can act as if it's like IE, or it can act as if it's like Firefox. IOW, if you're an IE user and want Chrome as a second/backup browser, you can get it to perform in the same manner as IE, and if you're a Firefox user, you can get it to perform in the same manner as Firefox. I just don't recall where in the customization of Chrome you get those settings.

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