No Aura on render.

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In Carrara 6 Pro.
I am working on a project where I have animated a piece of wire with Glow, and Aura.
It works fine in the assembly room when I use the " Camera " tool , I always see both at the proper time.
But when I render out 10 1920X1080 video it often skips rendering the aura.
When it happened on my home machine it happened I closed carrara, and reopened the project and rendered a second or two.
It worked that time. I brought the project to work to render on my i7, same thing happened got the glow but no aura.
Kinda is heartbreak to see a incorrect render after 5 hours.
I have my render setting all pretty high quality. Just don't understand why it always works in the assemble room with the camera tool,
but rarely when rendering?

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    Carrara's Aura post-render effect is pretty bad. I *think* the number that you enter in its interface is the number of pixels that Aura is "spread" across (rather badly, because it always ends up looking very granular).

    If you can see it in a low-res spot preview, but not in a full HD render, it *might* be simply because the spread is a very small part of the image at higher res... At anyrate, you will get MUCH better results if you use the Multi-pass function to render out a separate glow channel and use After Effects (or your NLE) to render the effect and composite the results over your main render.

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    For my purposes, the preview looks pretty much like what I want. When this render is done ( it ain't rendering the aura) I'm going to try to move the Glow keyframe one frame before the aura is turned on. I'm wondering if it's because I have the same frame selected to turn up the glow, and turn on the aura, and I know the aura needs the glow to work.
    Even though the tweener I am using is discrete maybe it doesn't see the luminosity?
    The " color " shader I am using swings between black and blue, I couldn't seem to get a shader to work that has both color and intensity for the Glow shader.

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