Two characters walking, holding hands. How?

So the obvious problem is keeping the hands together. Theyre both walking with a stationary walk-cycle aniblock. Suggestions?


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    Please note that I've no experience in doing this. Below is just an idea.

    I've not tried this but I'd try by creating a null oblject... position it on at one of the hands and parent it that character's hand...and have the other character's hand follow the null or parented to the null.

    I'm sure that is likely wrong and probabably a lot easier than that... so will be wathching for the correct answer.

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    I've since tried using a position constraint of one hand to the other (no intermediate null) in animate2, with the relevant arms unchecked in the aniblock layer settings - but nothing much seems to have resulted.

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  • You face the same problem as I had here with the added complexity that both will be moving, for me the arm was stationary. 

    You can use IK on hand but not sur if aniblocks will respect it, it did not respect the old animated pose I had here, IK also adds weird stuff on sholder joint.
    I solved it by hard work depend a lot on how accurate you need it, helps that the animation loops for each step. 

  • You might have to animate one loop by hand, perhaps setting keyframes on each figure separately depending on how much subtlety you want - shoulders raising and lowering at different points due to height differences, rotation of the shoulder, collar, forearm and hand, finger movement, etc.



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    Might want to see what mCasuals mcjAutoLimb2015 script can do for you.

    Use it in conjunction with mCasuals mcjHoldOn, and you should have a winner.


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    babel25 said:

    I've since tried using a position constraint of one hand to the other (no intermediate null) in animate2, with the relevant arms unchecked in the aniblock layer settings - but nothing much seems to have resulted.

    Instead of a "null" try using a tiny, scaled, down primitive. Might also have it's transparent also to be safe.

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    Thanks hphoenix I grabbed them both.

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    I tried those mcasual plugs. They appear to work when applied but everything reverts as soon as I move the timeline cursor. I wonder if i'm still not grasping something about animate2 and its tendency to steal keyframes from the DS timeline or whether it is something else.

    Ive tried more with nulls and position and parent constraints but succeed only in getting the wrist or elbow twisting about wildly.

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    Okay is this the thing? I need the plugs to put new keyframes into one of the walk cycles,which is an aniblock. So maybe I have to get keys into the aniblock and am going about it the wrong way? Do I have to bake the aniblock keys to the DS timeline first, let the plugs (hopefully) add new keys, then save all that back into a new aniblock?


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    if you use aniblocks bake them to the time line first

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    The first keyframe or all the keyframes from first to last? How do I bake them... from where? One confusing thing to me is that there is an "Animate2" in my icons tools which is the same as choosing this from the Tools menu... while I show "Animate Lite" on my keyframes menu for doing animation at bottom of the screne.

    Please excuse me... I use Carrara 8.5 Pro and it is quite easy to use. I've never tried any animation in Daz Studio yet... I heard that it's getting quite good, some say better than Carrara... what this boils down to can it be created in DAZ Studo then read by Carrara... I heard that it can't. Note that I easily created my first Carrara animation just by playing around in the Carrara animator... not reading any manuals or asking questions... there are a few things I've yet to learn... I'm down to asking questions and reading other's questions in the forums as well as studying some of Phil Wilkes video manuals for Carrara.

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    rclick animate timeline when having an aniblock open

    bake to timeline

    you cannot use the timeline and aniblocks the same time

    but change the aniblock itself

    aniblocks will always delete timeline keyframes

    would be nice if you could protect your timeline keyframes somehow

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    thanks Ruphuss

    your last line sounds like a good sugggestion to add to Studio

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    animate2 was created by gofigure not daz

    we cant expect any improvements here

    as daz is not interested in enhancing animation

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