Just Released : Amazing Skins For Lilith 6 [Commercial]

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Amazing Skins For Lilith 6 is released, you can find it here :
And my store is also on sale today : http://www.daz3d.com/v3digitimes

In Amazing Skins For Lilith 6 you will find many presets for flexible and efficient rendering of Lilith 6. Based on Amazing Skins Materials, they will allow you to : render in any case without initial freeze, render faster in general, and much faster your HD Lilith figure, adjust skins parameters using organised Hue, Saturation and Value dials, as well as the specular size in two directions, and the parameters two scattering layers (SSS total amounts, sheen and scatter repartitions).

For the ones who prefer double click and render, you will find :
- "realistic human" skin tones variations,
- fantasy presets,
- "tec and tek" skins presets presenting surrealistic skins highly reactive to lights,
- a few lights presets (most of them, sometimes a bit modified were used for the promo images), 4 for figure rendering (there is more light on the figure than in the rest of the scene), 3 for large scene rendering (light is balanced in the whole scene).
- Skin and Lips or just Lips gloss options (driving separately highlight size, and highlight strength)
- Many eyes presets are also included, as well as different Lacrimals option to fit lacrimals to eyes/skin.
- the make up options of the default Lilith 6.
- skin radomisers
- maybe a few other things I do not remember

You do NOT need to own Amazing Skins for G2 Females. Furthermore, Amazing Skins for Lilith 6 is 100% compatible with Amazing skins for Genesis 2 Female meaning that you can use any of the sub-properties presets on Lilith.
It just requires to have Lilith 6, since Amazing Skins For Lilith will apply the default Lilith maps provided in "Lilith 6".
And remember that the skins for Lilith can also be applied on other G2 figures :)

Of course, even if not mentioned, all renders of promo images are Daz Studio renders.

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    Red, I like it. It's almost a female equivalent to "Darth Maul". :coolsmile: :lol:

    The spikes on top of the head could be tricky, the rest is absolutely doable.

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    Red, I like it. It's almost a female equivalent to "Darth Maul". :coolsmile: :lol:

    The spikes on top of the head could be tricky, the rest is absolutely doable.

    For the spikes on top, now that I saw how you model light sabers, I have no doubt a few cones will not bother you :)

    And : you will be happy to create many other extraterrestrial races :)

    A few more images of the extraterrestrial races hmmm... sci fi and fantasy skin options available...

    Please note that the randomised settings are not included, but I must have kept a trace of most of them somewhere on my computer.. I must...most...

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    Red, I like it. It's almost a female equivalent to "Darth Maul". :coolsmile: :lol:

    The spikes on top of the head could be tricky, the rest is absolutely doable.

    And now you have everything you need to try : just released!
    Don't forget to show me the result!

  • ZarconDeeGrissomZarconDeeGrissom Posts: 5,365
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    Yeah! :lol: Tough call on the choices, lots of good stuff out there today. I finally got "Guardians Of The Flame" after a significant debate with two other outfits. It's time to make a map for the bone horns for the Darth Maul race I guess. Why did I not think of primitive cones for that, lol.

    I spent the past two days finding sets/environments that were not in the smart tab, and trying to get them properly encoded with metadata to be there. Including loading the parts, and re-saving them as DUF files so they would take the metadata. lol.

    My 1991 Best O' Boingo wont Play any more :down: so much for that 35,000 RPM CD, lol. It is that time of year, isn't it.

    I'm so happy, Dancing while the Grim Reaper, Cuts cuts cuts but he can't get me.
    I'm clever as can be, And I'm very quick, But don't forget We've only got so many tricks, No one lives forever. EEK!

    So lets party with the Blue, Red and, Green Aliens. Lilith style :coolsmile:

  • V3DigitimesV3Digitimes Posts: 2,438
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    Sorry for your 1991 Best O' Boingo ... Will you survive to that? Maybe put your CD in the fridge, I've been told sometimes it helps resurrecting CD. Is it true or a urban legend, I would not say.. Any way you can keep on dancing with Rainbow extraterrestrials while your CD is getting colder and colder.

    I'm happy you chose Guardians Of The Flame after long debates, contributing this way to extract it from "the flop of the year" category. I had a look at Lilith and Guardian.
    Three things : guardian is in the male outfits (using Cross techno for females), the skirt must be collided against the pants and not Lilith.

    then in order to the Plastron covering the breast I put you here a screen shot showing the parameters activated.

    And finally what it gives on the Tec red preset.

    Cheers, and enjoy life as you said :)

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    Very nice indeed. A path to start out with, as it somewhat hides in the Content Library. Especially If you have the other Amazing skins Product.

    DAZ Studio Formats -> My DAZ 3D Library -> People -> Genesis 2 Female -> Materials -> Amazing Skins -> For Lilith 6

    Until Kadix has a chance to do any cool how-to vids (assuming there), There is an excellent set of vids for the "Amazing Skins" set listed in the other thread to get your toes wet. They are excellent vids, and I highly advise watching them.
    This appears to work the same way for the most part, at first glance.

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