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Wall Materials For Vue D Esprit

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sku: 7454



This is a collection of thirty seven texture based and procedural wall materials for use with Vue D Esprit 6 and above.

They will work wonderfully with both Vue primitives and imported figures alike, and have in fact been created with this in mind.

When you import a an object in to Vue from another application such as Poser of Daz Studio you will often find that the textures don’t look quite right, or that when you go to retexture with a vue material the scale looks wrong or the material wont scale at all.

The materials in this package have all been designed to give you the best possible results.

TIP: If you add a texture to a figure it is usually best to change the mapping mode in the first tab of the advanced material editor from Automatic to Faces. This will normally allow your texture to be scaled using the texture size section In both the material editor and the side bar.

TIP: Another ( and more effective ) way to scale your brick and stone textures if you run in to trouble is to open the material editor in in Basic Mode. And to adjust the image size at the bottom left of the window. Remember to keep the proportions of the X and Y sizes the same other wise the texture may distort. If you do this it will automatically change the bump and other function based parts of the texture as long as they are connected to the image map. (all of the Materials in this collection will scale like this with no problem!)

TIP: Some of these textures have repeating patterns in them and some have a more even pattern in them, to use them successfully you should fit the use the appropriate texture with the appropriate object. Ie. if you have a very large expanse of wall it would be best to use a texture that has no obvious repeat patterning such as staining or striping.

So whether it’s a new brick wall , ancient stone work, stucco or painted bricks you’ll find something in this collection for you!

This great value collection forms a solid foundation for your building materials library.

Additional Information
Notes This product requires Vue D Esprit 6 or above.
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software Vue
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 37 Brick, stone, stucco and concrete Materials.
    • 27 Brick textures.
    • 5 Stone textures.
    • 1 Glass brick Material.
    • 1 Stucco plaster Material
    • 2 Concrete Materials.
    • 1 Flaky paint work material.
  • All Materials contain usage suggestions and instructions in their library descriptions.

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