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Troglodyte Bundle

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Far beyond the lands to the north there can be found a valley of deep caves that it is said are inhabited by a race of Troglodytes. This hardy creature is brave, stubborn, quarrelsome and tough. Weary travelers would do best not to engage with such a beast, especially before mealtimes.

This original figure comes in two versions, one high resolution (30290 polygons) and one at low resolution (7590 polygons). This gives the option to load a scene with lots of figures without straining resources.

There are 4 highly detailed skin textures (Brown, Olive, Green, Grey) available both as high and low resolution. Four eye textures as high and low resolution (Blue, Green, Brown and Red). Each version comes with a conforming genital set, which is moveable with advanced body controls. There are lots of morphs available with both versions, the higher resolution figure having slightly more facial morphs.

There are three sets of smart props, small horns for the side of the temple, earrings and a nose-ring. Each are available as high and low resolution versions.

The armour consists of two versions, one high resolution and one low resolution, for use with both figures available in Predatrons Troglodyte.

Each set contains a set of bracers, pauldrons, boots, armbands, helmet and armour base. All have crosstalk enabled to take on the body morphs of the base figures. Morphs are included to remove various parts of the mesh, such as removing the bones off the boots, bracers and belt. The cross braces can be removed also to leave just the belt and pants for a different look. By removing various body parts, such as leaving off one pauldron, armband or bracer, the more options are available to create a Troglodyte army of different characters.

There two sets of textures for each clothing item, with both available in high and low resolution.

There several smart prop items, nose-ring, earrings, mace, axe and shield. Each comes as both high and low resolution. The shield has several morphs, such as removing the arrow, the emblem and the shield boss, so it is possible to create several different styles. The axe has one morph to show a crack on the blade.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features

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