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The Sensational SuperStar Vickie Base Set

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SuperStar Vickie says Victoria 4 can play the 'regular' roles, she just wants to do the 'Glamorous' ones!

SuperStar Vickie (SSV) is an alternate vision of Victoria 4.0, with a more detailed, leggy and curvaceous body. A full-fledged figure, not a collection of morphs, she uses Victoria 4.0's textures, head morphs and (if desired) body morphs. She has revised and improved joint bending, with six pairs of additional bend-helper magnets. A Clothing and Accessory Set with some of the most desired items is also included, along with beautiful standard resolution Skin Maps. Now updated to include Victoria 4.1 Visemes and other head morphs, eyebrows and with bonus Monokini & Monokini Adhesive!

Note: Sunglasses and Sandals are not included in the Base set. They are included in the SSV Expansion set.

Additional Information
Notes There are 3 installers:
  • SuperStarV4Base, which has the SSV4 base figures with clothing,
  • SuperStarV4BaseDS which has DAZ|Studio Optimized MAT files,
  • SuperStarV4BaseM which has the SSV4 figures with all the V4 head and body morphs - this installer requires the Victoria 4 Morphs++.
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • SuperStar Vickie Base (High-heel feet) and SuperStar Vickie Base Flatfoot CR2s
  • SuperStar Vickie and SuperStar Vickie Flatfoot CR2s with all Victoria 4 Morphs++ fitted (only installable with previous purchase of Victoria 4.0 Morphs++)
  • Revised and Improved joint bending, with 6 pairs of additional bend-helper magnets
  • Basic Lingerie Set (also works as swim wear)
    • Underwired Balconet Bra
    • String Bikini Panties
    • Choker
    • Monokini & Bottle of Monokini Adhesive
  • Exclusive SuperStar Vickie morphs fitted to all 4 versions:
    • SuperStar, PushUp and Small Breast morphs
    • Shoulder Blade Tilt and Detail morphs
    • Corset
    • Kneecap Detail, Right or Left
    • Stilettos (High Heel CR2s only)
  • Beautiful Standard Resolution Skin Maps Feature:
    • Day or Night Faces
    • Blue, Brown or Green Eyes
    • Shine or No-Shine Body, Stocking Legs
    • Pubic Hair Thick or Thin
  • Lingerie textures include:
    • Red, Black and White Vinyl
    • Rose, White and Black Lace
  • Numerous other Figure and Clothing Textures included or possible, fitted by:
    • Poser 6-7 Material Collection Libraries
    • Poser 5-6-7 Material Libraries
    • Poser 5-6-7 and Daz Studio MAT Pose Libraries
    • DAZ Studio Material Presets
  • A Full Library of useful Hand Poses
  • Victoria 4.0++ Morphs supported by clothing (where appropriate)
    • BreastsCleavage, Implants, Perk, Size, Large, Diameter. Nipples, HangForward
    • WaistWidth, GlutesH
    • Plus all included SSV Figure Morphs
  • Special Balconet Bra Morphs:
    • Bra Size (simulates a too-small bra)
    • Pointed, Inner Width and Wire Size
  • Special Bikini Morph:
    • Low Rider
  • Victoria 4.0 Base required to install Set (including Base SSV versions), Victoria 4.0 Morphs++ required to install SSV with ++ morphs and features.
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