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The Huntress

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sku: 1688



"Queen and huntress, chaste and fair, Now the sun is laid to sleep, Seated in thy silver chair, State in wonted manner keep: Hesperus entreats thy light, Goddess excellently bright. Earth, let not thy envious shade Dare itself to interpose; Cynthia's shining orb was made Heaven to clear when day did close: Bless us then with wish�d sight, Goddess excellently bright. Lay thy bow of pearl apart, And thy crystal-shining quiver; Give unto the flying hart Space to breathe, how short soever: Thou that mak'st a day of night - Goddess excellently bright."
Arthur Quiller-Couch

Victoria comes out of the temple and strides into the forest as "The Huntress". With this complete package which includes the exquisite clothing and prop pieces along with beautifully detailed textures Victoria's transformation comes easily and naturally.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
8 props
  • Belted skirt
    • Multiple material zones
    • Huntress fit morphs (for Athena character)
    • Blow left and right morphs
    • Blow forward and back morphs
    • Kneel morphs
    • Sit morphs
    • Wind morph
    • Step left and forward morphs
  • Quiver
  • Left hand ring
  • Right hand ring
  • Arrow in quiver
    • Add as many as you'd like to the quiver and rotate to fan out
  • Arrow in hand
  • Arrow unparented
  • Bow
    • Draw morph

6 conforming clothing figures

  • Boots
    • Multiple material zones
    • Huntress fit morphs (for Athena character)
  • Bracers
    • Multiple material zones
    • Adjust morphs for extreme R & L hand bending
  • Cloak
    • Special "CloakMovement" body part for gross cloak movement
    • Blow back morphs
    • Blow left and right morphs
    • Fall straight morph (draping)
    • Kneel morph
    • Swing left and right morphs
    • Wide stance (draping)
    • Collar up and down morphs
    • Bonus pose morphs (draping) based on the DAZ V3 poses
      • Arms crossed
      • Backturn
      • Beach 01
      • Fashion 02
      • Kneeling crouch
      • Proud
      • Stride
  • Halter
    • Collar up/down morphs
    • Huntress fit morph (for Athena character)
    • Collar down morphs specifically for use with Huntress character morph
    • Side-side and bend morphs for tie
  • Hood (for cloak)
  • Pants
    • Huntress fir morph (for Athena character)
    • Legs on and off partial pose included for "tricky" posing

Detailed textures

  • 11 1500 X 1500 texture maps
  • 1 reflection map
  • 2 trans maps

Partial "bow shooting" pose

Resource Files

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