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"The most versatile, morphable, realistic 3D human model on the planet"
  • Morphing

    The concept of morphing has advanced even further with the updated Genesis 2 product line. The original Genesis enabled a figure to be morphed little by little towards a child, a monster, a supermodel, a muscle-bound warrior or even an alien. Now, Genesis 2 provides even more points of customization. You as an artist can now easily sculpt any Genesis 2 figure into more detailed, more defined and more gender-specific form.
  • Male and Female Bases

    The specific male and female bases not only allow for more masculine and feminine figures, but also allows for clothing designed more specifically for one or the other. This reveals more authentic attires that drape, hang and hug exactly where they should.
  • Increased details

    With over 2,000 more polygons than even the original Genesis, the detail levels on the most critical body parts like faces and limbs, and non-critical areas like knee and elbow joints, unveil a more realistic end product.
  • Articulation

    No matter how good a figure looks, it has to move correctly. It has to react well with its environment in a convincing way. With Genesis 2, we updated the level of articulation to increase the individual movement of each body part. This includes ears, toes, breasts, body joints and torso. Weight Mapping was also modernized, to show the effects of these movements and their gravity.
  • Facial expressions

    Genesis 2 was also revised to provide more dynamic facial movements and expressions by adding a movable jaw, increased facial polygons, and a new eye reflection mesh.
  • Compatibility

    Due to consistency of key body parts and shapes, users are still able to utilize their original Genesis content and accessories on Genesis 2 characters through the DAZ Studio "auto fit" process.
  • Software support

    You can leverage all DAZ 3D Genesis models using the free DAZ Studio 3D software, which also allows you to utilize Genesis 2’s HD capability. You can also implement your characters in scenes created in POSER using the DAZ DSON import utility.
  • HD add-ons

    Genesis 2 HD add-ons can be purchased for most characters, delivering even more eye-popping results using:
    • Morphs sculpted at 64x the resolution of the base figure.
    • Sharper creases where you need them.
    • Smoother curves for an organic, natural look.
    • More definition without significant system overhead.
    • Fine details that do not rely on image maps and work across UV sets.

A long-standing foundation in lifelike 3D human figures

Genesis 2 is just the latest in a 15+ year history of incredibly detailed, versatile human firgures - setting the industry standard at every turn.

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Morph Genesis into millions of combinations of people and creatures just by sliding a few dials
watch Genesis morphing in action

Genesis™ is a line of 3D figures designed exclusively for DAZ Studio, to provide more versatility and customizability than any other 3D figure.

All Genesis figures consist of a common base. Each Genesis character utilizes the same core structure and 3D mesh of the base Genesis figure that they derive from. You can create an unlimited range of characters by installing additional Genesis textures and shapes.

As you tweak and tailor your figure, you will discover that all of your Genesis-compatible content, including clothing, hair, and accessories, work seamlessly across all of your Genesis-based figures.

By default, Genesis is designed to be a family-friendly character. However, the purchase of any Genesis character Pro Bundle includes the content needed to make your characters look anatomically correct.

Best of all, ownership of any images or animations produced with DAZ installable content, including Genesis figures, belongs to you. Use them as book covers, posters, banners, or whatever you choose to create. They are all yours to do with and sell as you please. DAZ enables you to be the artist behind jaw-dropping scenes.

And not just human figures...

Our 3D marketplace has tens of thousands of environments, props, vehicles, creatures and much, much more!

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