Carrara BMF Clouds and Tropics

Carrara BMF Clouds and Tropics

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    • $22.95
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    This product contains over 30 volumetric cloud objects to use with the BMF landscape packs or as a standalone product to use with your own scenes.

    If its high clouds or low clouds your scene needs this pack has got your skies covered. This Carrara hot spot has tropical islands and beaches packed with fun, so take a trip to the tropics with Carrara's Clouds and Tropics pack today.

    What's Included and Features

    • Scenes Complete.
      • the default complete scene.
    • Object Browser elements.
      • 3 Cloud folders
        • Cloud Mixture folder
        • Cumulous Cloud folder
        • High Clouds folder
          • over 10 clouds layers in each folder
          • over 10 clouds layers have a "Bright" version
          • Cloud placed properly in previous BMF packs.
          • Clouds work in your own Carrara scenes.
      • Tropical Elements folder
        • Beach Chair Set
          • includes 2 beach lounge chairs and Sun Shade Umbrella.
        • HutComplete
          • features thatch roof and hideable steps.
          • hide the steps to create hut on ground
        • BG TropicalMountains
          • 4 islands with separate Beach object
          • has 2 types of trees on island
          • islands are easily moved in your scene.
          • works seemlessly with BMF landscape pak.
        • FG Beach
          • includes beach and small waves
          • includes Stone,palm trees and grass to island
          • 5 different replicator groups.
        • MG Ocean TrnpAsrbtn
          • ocean with transparency absorption
        • BMF palm Tree- Palm tree with uvmaps for leaves.
        • BMF Beach - this object works with the BMF landscape pak
      • Shader browser element
        • Sand.cbr - to use to shade BMB landscape Pak
      • UV mapped Palm tree
        • -is a new plant model
        • The texture map is saved with the model.
      • Extra items
        • Help file in Tutorial folder
          • contains Images of all clouds with names
        • Stormy Sky.
          • extra cloud layer in CloudMixture folder



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