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Sci Fi Medical Gear

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sku: 13534



It's come to our attention that many 3D products can be quite hazardous to a character's health and well being. As a result, many heroes and villains alike are in serious need of some high-tech medical gear. This pack has everything an adventurous and potentially reckless character could possibly need. A gurney, monitor cart, waste unit and portable fridge as well as a medical cart and case to store the tools. Speaking of tools, it's got everything from diagnostic tools like a medical scanner, blood extractor and omniscope to treatment tools like a cell regenerator, laser scalpel and tensor injector. Your characters will be on the mend in no time.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Medical Cart Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • Movable Drawer
    • 2 Movable Side Trays
  • Monitor Cart Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • 2 Movable Monitors
  • Gurney Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • Adjustable Height
    • 2 Movable Side Rails
  • Medical Case Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • Movable Lid
    • Movable Handle
    • Movable Inner Lid
  • Waste Unit Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • Movable Lid
  • Portable Refrigerator Figure (.CR2 & .OBJ)
    • Movable Lid
    • 2 Movable Handles
  • Loaded Medical Cart Figure (.CR2 & .OBJs)
    • Loads Up With Other Figure & Props Parented
  • Loaded Medical Case Figure (.CR2 & .OBJs)
    • Loads Up With Other Props Parented
  • Blood Extractor Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
    • Needle Morph
  • Cell Regenerator Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
    • Beam Length Morph
    • Beam Spread Morph
  • Diagnostic Computer Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Fibro Cascader Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
    • Beam Length Morph
    • Beam Spread Morph
  • Hypo Syringe Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
    • Plunger Morph
  • Laser Scalpel Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
    • Beam Length Morph
  • Medical Pad Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Medical Scanner Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Omni Scope Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
  • Tensor Injector Prop (.PP2 & .OBJ)
    • Gas Cylinder SmartProp
  • 4 Gas Cylinder Props (.PP2s & .OBJ)
  • All Hand Tool Props Have Left & Right Hand Parented Versions For M4 & V4
  • M4 & V4 Hand Poses For Each Hand Tool (.PZ2)
  • 29 Textures
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