Roaring 20s Flapper Dress For Victoria 3

Roaring 20s Flapper Dress For Victoria 3

  • $17.95
    • $17.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Victoria 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Install Types:
    Compatible Figures:
    Victoria 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Install Types:
  • Details

    Take Vicki back into the exciting and glamorous world of the Roaring 20s with this complete set of authentic Flapper clothing. Everything needed to deck Victoria out in the glorious styles of the time are included in this set from the classic "Bob" hairstyle made popular by the glamorous stars of the time like Louise Brooks, to the gracefully filigreed shoes crafted in a custom design to match the dresses. Also included for those festive party nights are a headband and feather and the obligatory long loop of pearls which can swing along with the best of them. Keep the chill off Vicki's neck in style with the delicate folds of the included scarf. The dress has been created with versatility in mind. With a quick turn of the dial to switch the geometry you can choose from Long, Mid, Short sleeved and Sleeveless styles for all kinds of looks. The innovative dual layer dress allows for a lot of flexibility in conjunction with transparency maps for many varied styles.

    In Depth Review

    What's Included and Features

    • Flapper Dress Conforming Clothing (.cr2 and .obj)
      • Flapper Dress Morphs
        • V3 Stock
        • Muscular1
        • Barbarian1
        • Youth
        • Skinny
        • Buxom
        • Heavy
        • Rubenesque
        • PearShaped
        • PinUp
        • Faerie
        • Voluptuous
        • 5-Tier Dress (for Fringe Style)
        • Right Swing Morph for 5-Tier
        • Left Swing Morph for 5-Tier
        • JCM Collars R + L
      • Geometry Switching Sleeves
        • Stock is Thin Straps
        • Strap Thickness Morphs for Both Top and Bottom Straps
        • Long Sleeve Geometry W=Switch
        • Elbow Length Sleeve Geometry Switch
        • Short Sleeve Geometry Switch
        • Loose Sleeve Morph
        • Loose Cuff Morph
        • Puffy Shoulder Morph
      • Skirt Morphs
        • Sit Morphs
        • Kneel Morph
        • Left Leg Back full Skirt Morph
        • Right Leg Back full Skirt Morph
        • Left Leg Forward Full Skirt Morph
        • Right Leg forward Full Skirt Morph
        • Walk Right Back-Left Forward
        • Walk Right Forward-Left Back
        • All Walk Morphs Isolated to One Side
        • Right + Left Calf Back Morphs
        • Outer Skirt Flair
        • Full Skirt Flair
        • Skirt Flounce
        • Pleated Skirt 1
        • Pleated Skirt 2
    • 20's Style High Heel Shoes (.cr2 and .obj)
      • Shoe Morphs:
        • Pointed Toes Morph
        • Round Toes Morph
        • Square Toes Morph
        • Heel Shift Forward-Back Morph
        • Heel Stretch Morph
        • Heel Narrow Morph
        • Heel Tilt Morph
    • 20's Bob Cut Hairstyle (.hr2 and .obj)
      • Bob hair Morphs:
        • HeadBand Morph
        • Bangs Length Morph
        • Bangs Part Center
        • Bangs Split Right
        • Bangs Split Left
        • Hair Curl Forward
        • Hair Longer
        • Hair Curl Out
    • Long Pearl String SmartProp (.pp2 and .obj)
      • Pearl String Morphs
        • Bend 1
        • Bend 2
        • Side 1
        • Side 2
    • Scarf Conforming Clothing (.cr2 and .obj)
      • Scarf Has Full Range of Easypose Bends, Waves, and S-curves
    • Headband SmartProp (.pp2 and .obj)
    • Feather SmartProp (.pp2 and .obj)
    • 5 Complete texture sets for the Flapper Dress and Matching Accessories Including Transparency and Bump Maps
      • Lace Dress
      • Periwinkle Dress
      • Plum-Plaid Dress
      • Rose Dress
      • 5 tier Fringe Dress
        • Matching Shoes and Other Accessories for All Sets
    • 9 different Hair Color Textures for the Flapper Bob Hairstyle including Transparency and Bump Maps
      • Ash Blonde
      • Black
      • Black-Brown
      • Blonde
      • Carrot-Red
      • Dark Brown
      • Flaxen Blonde
      • Golden Blonde
      • Light Brown
    • All Textures Come with Full MAT Poses for Both P4 and PP-P5 Including ShaderTree Info



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