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"I have to say, the more I work with Genesis, the more I love this figure. It's easier to work with and pose by an order of magnitude over the previous DAZ 3D figures, or any other figure for that matter."ColdrakeDAZ Studio user

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Re-Think Character Design

Innovative architecture supporting a robust new platform for 3D figure creation and customization that combined with performance enhancements result in unparalleled quality and control.

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Genesis Figures

You want maximum freedom in the diversity of 3D characters you're able to create without compromising the integrity of the figure itself. Read on to discover how we've accomplished all of that and more in version 4.6 of DAZ Studio.

Made possible only by the advancements in DAZ Studio is the extremely versatile Genesis series of figures. The Genesis series allows for a virtually limitless set of additional figure shape variations that can all be built from a common base. These variations can range in both size and proportion while maintaining a common joint system (rigging). Everything from massive, musclebound freaks or curvy super-heroines to adorable toon kids or frightful monsters can all be created AND combined.

Anyone can build from this foundation and release their own creations to share with other Genesis users. Further improvements include more responsive figure interaction via a new sub-d, single-skin 3D mesh; flexible shape blending; multiple UV layouts; and extensible parameters.

Genesis Lineup
Genesis Lineup
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DAZ Studio 4.6 Upgrade

  • DAZ Scene Object Notation (DSON) File Format

    The DSON file format is a lightweight format that facilitates the efficient sharing of scenes and their assets

  • Scene File Sharing

    The new DSON file format in DAZ Studio 4.6 enables the legal sharing of scenes by providing an asset referencing scheme rather than providing the actual elements of a scene.

  • Selective Scene Saving

    DAZ Studio 4.6 now allows you to select ONLY those assets within your scene that you want to save. This may be a subset of your scene assets that you wish to merge with another scene at a later time, or your figure's entire ensemble - with or without hair and accessories - saved as an outfit to be loaded later from a single file in your library. Selectively saving ONLY those items that you select allows you do this and more.

  • Updated 3Delight Render Engine

    The 3Delight render engine included with DAZ Studio 4.6 has been updated to version 10.0.50 which includes numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements over the previous version.

  • FBX Import

    FBX files generated by DAZ Studio 4.6 can now be re-imported in FBX format, allowing you to export a figure to certain 3rd party applications for texturing or animation purposes and then import that figure back into DAZ Studio.

  • Instancing

    DAZ Studio 4.6 now includes the ability to create multiple instances of a specific model in a scene. Changes such as morphs or materials are automatically propagated to all instances of that model within the scene.

  • Geometry Shells

    DAZ Studio 4.6 introduces the ability to create a “Geometry Shell” for specific models or figures in your scene. These shells can be controlled and manipulated separately from the original object in the scene, each with their own materials and transforms, without the extra “weight” of additional rigging and morphs of the original model.

  • Group Nodes

    DAZ Studio 4.6 lets you create hierarchical group nodes which allow you to control many objects as a single group, or 3D layer, saving you time and giving you the ability to manipulate multiple objects in your scene quickly and efficiently.

  • TriAx™ Weight-Map System

    DAZ Studio relies on hand-painted weight-maps to control the bending of a figure. Using painted weight maps provides content creators flexibility and precision over how their figures' mesh deforms around any type of joint. Adding in the ability to paint a separate map for each axis of rotation takes that level of control and moves it ahead of anything else commonly achieved in the past.

  • Auto-Rigging

    With improved joints comes the need for improved diversity in a figures mesh. Now DAZ Studio has the ability for content creators to automatically rig their custom figures. No longer do content creators need to worry about respecting a base figure's proportions and joint center placement. So long as the mesh is left intact, the artist will then be able to have the TriAx joint system automatically update to fit their new shape.

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  • Smart Content

    DAZ Studio can filter suggested content to just what's relevant to what you're working on. For example, if you had the new Genesis figure loaded and wanted to find clothing and accessories that will work with it, all you have to do is load the Genesis figure, and DAZ Studio can automatically filter out anything that is not compatible.

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  • Smart UV Presets

    You no longer need to worry about out which skin texture works with which character. All you need to do is load up the Genesis shape you like, browse to the associated skin texture preset, and DAZ Studio will automatically load the correct UV set and corresponding texture.

  • Updated User Interface

    We've given the user interface an overhaul with a focus on ease of use. Specifically, we've re-arranged tools, widgets, panes, and menus into context-relative groupings that allow you to get things done without having to dig around to find what you need.

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  • Content Management Service

    Relying on a simple meta-data structure, the this service allows you to search for assets in multiple ways, such as by keyword, category, and compatibility.

  • "We think that Genesis™ really has great potential and we want to exploit it."Aery SoulDAZ Studio user
  • Auto-Fit

    With Auto-Fit, you'll never run out of clothing for any of the custom characters that you dream up. This tool lets you load in your existing generation 4 compatible clothing and will automatically update it to work with Genesis figures. It will also update your items every time a new figure is added to the Genesis series.

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  • Progressive Rendering

    Save yourself time and headaches. This feature allows you to quickly see a draft quality image followed by a series of better images on subsequent passes. This is very useful for doing test renders as you are adjusting things like lights and surfaces.

  • Multi-Layered Image Editor

    This tool allows you to create image layers that you can then add to underlying surface textures to create things like tattoos and decals on your models.

  • 64-Bit Support

    Break free of the 3GB RAM limit that shackles your 32-bit software. With 64 bit support you can load more textures, shapes, and create wildly more complex scenes. For many artists, this feature alone pays for itself over and over.

  • 64-Bit for Dynamic Clothing

    Making clothing look more realistic and less rigid, dynamic clothing has grown into one of our most popular features and now it takes advantage of 64-bit hardware on both the Mac and Windows OS.

  • Morph Loader Advanced

    This plugin allows you to add your own custom and third party morph targets to your figures. It will also automatically create the necessary parameters so you can adjust the strength of your custom shape. A must have for any advanced user, this plugin is very simple to use.

  • Darkside Style

    A new take on the "Nouveau Dark" interface styling of DAZ Studio 3, the "Darkside" style provides a beautiful new, streamlined, design for those who prefer a more subdued working environment. With smaller interface elements and a darker palette, not only does this style allow you to see more of whats going on but it lets you focus on whats important... your scene.

  • "This is the coolest version of DAZ Studio I've ever had. It works on the Mac very well. The Auto Fit tool is almost "magical". I love seeing it stitch my old Michael 4 clothes to the new Genesis figures."inquireDAZ Studio user
  • Content Creator Tools

    These tools are strictly for serious content creators developing complex figures and accessories. This toolset will save you man-years of development time with its exhaustive set of features: Property Editor, Figure Setup, Joint Editor, Morph Loader Pro, and more all give artists the ability to easily construct, edit and manipulate 3D assets on their own custom characters.

    • Weight-Map Brush New
    • Transfer Utility New
    • Polygon Group Editor New
    • Figure Setup (Skeleton Setup) Updated
    • Joint Editor Updated
    • Property Editor Updated
    • ExP Exporter
    • ERC Freeze
    • Morph Loader Pro Updated
    • Poser Format Exporter Updated
  • GoZ Bridge

    If you are addicted to the millions of polygons available to you in ZBrush, and love the rigging and character control afforded you by DAZ Studio, then this tool is for you. This bridge will allow you take your model from ZBrush to DAZ Studio, and from DAZ Studio to ZBrush with little effort.

  • 3D Bridge for Photoshop

    This tool saves you time and money by eliminating the need for costly photo shoots and stock imagery by allowing you to work interactively with 3D objects, while enjoying real-time results in Photoshop.

  • FBX Exporter

    FBX allows you to maximize your content creation pipeline by giving you the ability to create cutting edge content without having to worry about inter-package compatibility.

  • Texture Atlas

    Automatically collect all of the textures associated with a selected 3D character, size and scale those images, and then combine them into a single texture atlas. This is great for repurposing high-resolution assets for use in real-time gaming or mobile environments.

  • "The new interface is wonderful. I love the big sliders, I love the nested parameters, I love not having to squint at the screen and I've got plenty of real-estate because all the popup boxes slide away to the side of the screen. No more dragging and dropping and trying to figure out how to dock this or that and no annoying windows on top of what I'm working on. I'm just going with the flow now."sandman-maxDAZ Studio user
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