MoochTail Basic

MoochTail Basic

  • $9.95
    • $9.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Victoria 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Compatible Figures:
    Victoria 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
  • Details

    You've never seen or used a hair model like the MoochTail before! All parts are posed by dragging IK handles or applying pre-made poses. Now you can make hair go where you want it to, quickly and intuitively.

    The tail fits over a dozen characters, including V3, M3, David, SP3, Aiko3 and all Daz children figures. The mesh, hand painted textures and hand adjusted rigging are all designed to produce the smoothest bends ever seen in a poseable model. It can twist, bend, sweep, drape and curl without distorting. You can even change the tail from shoulder length to several yards long with just one dial.

    The tail can have three different colored textures at the same time, to create subtle tonal variation, or outrageous streaks. And it's so totally flexible and poseable that it'll work with any head and body pose, even upside down!

    This hair can lay flat, fly in the wind, obey gravity, wrap around your character's body and even fake object collision. The Basic kit comes complete with a number of poses and hair color options.

    The MoochTail works with P4, PP, P5 and P6.

    Note: This product can be resource intensive.

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    What's Included and Features

    • Scalp (.cr2 and .obj)
      • 22 Fitting Morphs
    • Tails (.cr2 and .obj)
    • Ring (.obj)
    • Fitting MorPoses (.pz2)
      • Aiko 3
      • David
      • the Girl
      • Laura
      • Michael 2
      • Michael 3
      • MilGirl P-S
      • MilGirl P-T
      • Steph Petite 3
      • Victoria 2
      • Victoria 3
      • Alexis
      • Judy
      • Koshini
      • Posette
    • 'Real Hair' Textures and Transparencies (.jpg)
      • Scalp
      • Stump
      • Tails
    • Color MatPoses (.pz2)
      • Scalp
        • Black
        • Blonde
        • Brown
        • Honey
        • Mousy
        • Red
      • Tails
        • 6 Black
        • 10 Blonde
        • 6 Brown
        • 6 Honey
        • 6 Mousy
        • 6 Red
    • Movement Poses (.pz2)
      • Stump
        • 20 Poses
      • Tails (3 poses each)
        • 5 Formal Styles Set A (total 15 poses)
        • 4 Wind Blown (total 12 poses)
        • 4 End Only Partial (total 12 poses)
        • Tail Reset (total 3 poses)



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