Monsters in my Cupboard

Monsters in my Cupboard

  • $27.95
    • $27.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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    Compatible Figures:
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
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  • Details

    'Monsters in my Cupboard' is a random toon monster generator for Poser and DAZ Studio. Using intelligent algorithms to randomize features and textures, you can create a totally unique monster by simply clicking on the included pose.

    With many morphs, texture overlays and colors to choose from, there are literally 1,000,000's of possible combinations - no two monsters are the same!

    What's Included and Features

    • Custom Toon Monster figure (.CR2)
      • Body Posing Dials:
        • HandsFist, ArmsDown, ArmsTwist, LegLiftL, LegLiftR, LegsTwist, LegsSpread, TorsoTwist, WingsFlap, Breath
      • Body Character Dials:
        • ToonEyes, SpinesPointy, SpinesLength, WingsSize, WingsLength, ClawSize, ClawLength, TorsoLength, ArmsSkinny, ArmsLength, BellyDrop, PotBelly, ChestLumpy, ToeSplit, ToeLength, LegsSkinny, TailLength
      • Head Posing Dials:
        • EyesUpDown, EyesSideSide, EarUpDownL, EarUpDownR, EarFwdBackL, EarFwdBackR, EarTwistL, EarTwistR
      • Head Character Dials:
        • EyesSize, EyesWidth, EarStyle1, EarStyle2, EarStyle3, HornsSize, HornsLength, HornsPointy, HornsTogether, HornsFwdBack, HornsSide, ChinBully, JawSize, JowelsWidth, JowelsSquare, SnoutSize, SnoutLength, SnoutSquare, SnoutPointy, SnoutLift, NostrilsSize, NostrilsTiny, NostrilsSpacing, NostrilsForward, NostrilsRotate, NostrilsFlare, NostrilsClosed, NostrilsTriangle, TeethSize, TeethTopLength, TeethBottomLength, TeethLength, TeethShear, TeethUpDown, TeethGoofy, TeethWarthog
      • Head Expression Dials:
        • EyesWince (L/R/Both), EyesClosed (L/R/Both), EyesSleepy (L/R/Both), EyesWide (L/R/Both), BrosUpDown (L/R/Both), BrowsUnimpressed (L/R/Both), BrowsAngry (L/R/Both), MouthOpenWide, MouthOpenMiddle, MouthPurse, SimpleSmile, LipsOO, LipTopUp, TongueBackup, TongueRaise, TongueFwd, TongueUpDown, TongueTipUp, TongueSideSide, TongeTwist, FaceHappy, FaceUnimpressed, FaceShocked, FaceHuh?, FaceAngry
      • Compatible with DAZ Studio Hand Grip tool
      • 6 Texture Overlays:
        • None - standard skin surface only
        • Bubbles
        • Dots
        • Flowers
        • Hearts
        • Smokey
        • Splats
    • 7 Figure Poses (+ reset pose)
    • Random generator poses automatically use DAZ Script in DAZ Studio and Python Script in Poser
      • Random Monster Pose (Randomizes shape and materials)
      • Random Materials Pose (Randomizes only materials)
      • Random Shape Pose (Randomizes only shape)
    • Included custom Mimic config file (.DMC)
    • Includes custom Cupboard figure with pose-able doors (.CR2 and .OBJ)
    • Textures:
      • Reflection Map (960 x 480)
      • Reflection Map (512 x 512)
      • 20 Texture and Bump Maps (3000 x 3000)
      • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
    • Auto-loading Poser/DAZ Studio materials ensure that the figure looks great in either program
    • Poser Material Poses (.PZ2)
    • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)


    • This product includes:
      • 1 Poser Core Installer
      • 1 Mimic Config File Installer

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