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Millennium Teeth

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sku: 583


It's about time that the Millennium figures had some anatomically correct, morphable Millennium Teeth for those close up renders! Whether you're looking for a sexy smile, vampire fangs, dentist-averse gums or a monster maw (or even just dentures), now you can add a degree of realism and versatility previously unknown to Poser. With 17 morphs, 2 texture maps, 2 bump maps, and 34 MAT files, your easily customized chompers will attract all the attention!

This model will conform to your Millennium Figures*. (Just read in the character first, then the teeth, and then conform!) The teeth can also be parented, or manually posed/morphed for customizing to Millennium or other Poser characters. With individual materials for the front 12 teeth, you can cap them or knock them out in any combination you'd like. Morphs may also be mixed and matched on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both together for a truly unique look.

Each tooth was sculpted to a 10 inch model using Dental reference materials to achieve accurate crown shape and occlussial surface. The teeth were then painstakingly hand digitized and modeled to a high resolution which resulted in a model with 13695 polys for the crowns and gums. (No roots.) Further care was taken for proper positioning of each tooth with the others to attain correct bite.

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Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3, Victoria 2 & 1, Michael 3, Michael 2 & 1
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 4 .CR2 and Corresponding .OBJ Files
  • 17 Morphs
    *Included on Bottom Teeth
    • PrimaryGap
    • Slant
    • Crooked*
    • VeryCrooked*
    • IncisorLg
    • WisdomGone*
    • MolarsGone*
    • Chip
    • BigChip
    • PriGumHeal*
    • GumDisease*
    • CaninesLong*
    • Vampire*
    • Nosferatu
    • Sharp*
    • Wolf*
    • Dentures*
  • Transparency Options and 2 Texture Maps
    • BadTeethGums@3000x3000
    • GoodTeethGums@3000x3000
    2 Bump Maps
    • BadTeethGumsB@3000x3000
    • GoodTeethGumsB@3000x3000
  • 34 MAT Files in ProPack and Poser 4 Formats
    • MAP Healthy Both, MAP Healthy Gums, MAP Healthy Teeth, MAP Unhealthy Both, MAP Unhealthy Gums, MAP Unhealthy Teeth, MAT Gold BL Canine, MAT Gold BL Cen Incisor, MAT Gold BL Lat Incisor, MAT Gold BR Canine, MAT Gold BR Cen Incisor, MAT Gold BR Lat Incisor, MAT Gold TL Canine, MAT Gold TL Cen Incisor, MAT Gold TL Lat Incisor, MAT Gold TR Canine, MAT Gold TR Cen Incisor, MAT Gold TR Lat Incisor, MAT Sil BL Cen Incisor, MAT Sil BL Lat Incisor, MAT Sil BLCanine, MAT Sil BR Canine, MAT Sil BR Cen Incisor, MAT Sil BR Lat Incisor, MAT Sil TL Cen Incisor, MAT Sil TL Lat Incisor, MAT Sil TLCanine, MAT Sil TR Canine, MAT Sil TR Cen Incisor, MAT Sil TR Lat Incisor, MAT White Gums, MAT White Teeth, MAT Yellow Teeth, Default
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