Michael 3.0 Base

Michael 3.0 Base

  • $9.95
    • $9.95
    Compatible Figures:
    Michael 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Install Types:
    Compatible Figures:
    Michael 3
    Compatible Software:
    DAZ Studio, Poser
    Install Types:
  • Details

    Made from the DAZ Unimesh, Michael 3.0 combines the latest in strategic polygon placement with a 100% unique male proportion and body shape. Greatly improved posing ability in comparison to earlier the Michael figures, Version 3.0 can handle much more extreme poses, while the included M3 to M2 CR2 option allows you to use existing Michael clothing along with the new Michael 3 head and textures. Order Michael 3.0 today and begin creating your own digital worlds.

    Clothing, Hairstyles, Textures shown above are sold separately.

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    What's Included and Features

    • Michael 3.0 Figure Files
      • M3 CR2 and OBJ
      • Mike 3 to Mike 2 CR2 and OBJ
        • Backwards Compatibility for Use with M1 and M2:
          • Poses
          • Clothing and Accessories
          • Compatible with M3 Head Morphs
      • M3 Blank CR2
        • (Identical to M3 CR2, but without morph channels for injection)
      • M3 Anatomical Elements CR2 and OBJ
        • Figure conforms to Michael 3's hip
    • Michael 3.0 Modifications
      • Enhanced Resolution Figure
        • Based on New Millennium Uni-Mesh Geometry (just as Victoria 3.0 is)
        • More Strategic Resolution
        • 74,510 Polygons in Base Figure, Plus 1802 Polygons in Anatomical Element Figure
        • Smoother Joint Rotation and Morph Deformation
      • Morph Injection Poses
      • Uses New Pose Technology Introduced With Victoria 3.0
        • Allow Morph Deltas to be Injected in the M3 CR2
          • One at a Time
          • In Groups
          • All at Once (for those with more robust systems)
        • Allow Unwanted/Unneeded Morphs to be Removed or Never Injected
        • Minimize M3's Memory Usage While Within Poser
        • Included Morphs:
      • Completely Reworked UVs
        • V3 Backwards Compatible UV (Laid Out to Work with V3 Male Maps)
        • Uses Superior UV Set-Up Introduced with Victoria 3
        • Minimizes the Number of Seams and Map Deformation
        • Mapping M3 is Much Easier than M2
      • Enhanced Morph Parameters
        • Improvement of nearly every Joint and Group
        • Inclusion of ERC Joint Corrective Morph Targets
          • Automatically Fixes Unwanted Bulging/Folding
        • M3's Joints Allow Ultimate Poseability
      • Expanded Material Grouping
        • New Material Groups
        • Allows M3 to be Color Mapped for
          • Bodysuit
          • Wetsuit
          • Shorts
    • 20 Standard Poses Designed to Work Best with M3's New Joint Parameters
    • 10 MAT Poses Designed for use with M3's new Material Grouping
    • Dial Cleaner Utility


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