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Mane Attraction

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sku: 18190



Are you a vendor who wants to texture hair? Or maybe you just like to paint hair in your images? Well look no further, because this is the ultimate resource kit for you!

This set has all you need to do hair textures for commercial projects.

Includes: 100 Seamless 1000x1000 tiles for texturing hair. There are 10 sets per grouping, 10 different groups in all. You have your choice between solid colors, dark and light textures (for making variegated striped looks) and rainbow options, for wild and outrageous color.

But that's not all... also included are Photoshop brushes. There are 20 specially designed speckled brushes for painting multiple strands at a time. No longer will you need to use a 1px brush to paint a billion tedious strands. It also includes pre-painted end wisps and full strands brushes, to additionally help you in getting that perfect transmap.

But if you are an artist who just wants to paint hair in your images, you can use the speckled brushes for that as well, as they are designed for any type of hair painting. The possibilities are endless!

There's also a PSD layer included, which has all the pre-painted sets for easy drag and drop scenarios. Includes PNG's as well, to adapt to other software suites. All brushes are backwards compatible with PS7, up to CS6.

For use as an artist resource or a merchant resource.

Additional Information
  • May be used as an Artist Resource or as a Merchant Resource.
  • May not be used to create a competitive resource pack.
  • Not for use in games.
  • This product includes:
    • 1 General Installer
Compatible 3D Figures No
Compatible 3D Software No
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Mane Attraction - Merchant Resource Hair Kit
    • 100 1000x1000 Seamless Hair Textures:
      • 40 Solid Color (4 different sets of 10)
      • 40 Rainbow (4 different sets of 10)
      • 20 Dark and Light (2 different sets of 10)
    • Photoshop Hair Brushes:
      • 20 Speckled brushes for painting multiple hair strands at once
      • 20 pre-painted whispy ends
      • 10 pre-painted columns of strands
  • Brushes are compatible with Photoshop 7 and Higher
  • PSD Layers Included
  • Also Includes PNG's to use in non-compatible software

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