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Kyouran: The Fury for V3

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The year is 2105. Large multi-conglomerates know as 'mega-corporations', instead of traditional governments, hold all the temporal power in the world. Surreptitious conflict between the large zaibatsu's for resources, technology, and political gain are common.
The biotech corporation Kahn/Rach, in partnership with Kohl Weapons, has created the ultimate tool for use in corporate shadow wars: Project Kyouran:The Fury. The culmination of eugenics, gene manipulation, and cloning technology, Kyouran is used for assassinations, surveillance, and other covert operations. In addition to her enhanced physical capabilities, she is made more deadly by the tools afforded to her by Kohl Weapons Systems. The armored body suit is reactive, protecting the wearer against most small caliber arms fire up to 12MM, and through the use of standard I/O interface ports located in the back, Kyouran is able to interface with medical or educational equipment, The helmet has thermal, IR, UV sight enhancements, extended hearing capabilities, as well as environmental seals to ward off gas attacks. The Shortbow PDW uses state of the art holographic sights, as well as an optional laser or camera smart link to the helmet. The sword is sharpened at a molecular level, enabling it to cut through any material of less than a value of 9 (Corundum) on the Mohs hardness scale. Kahn/Rach is now accepting sales inquiries from interested parties.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Victoria 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • KSuit (cr2 and obj)
    • Muscular1
    • Young
    • GluteBig
    • BreastSize3
    • BreastSize6
    • BreastSize8
    • HipNarrow
    • WaistNarrow
    • JCMlCollarBend (must be set manually)
    • JCMrCollarBend (must be set manually)
    • Hide/Show pose for lower body included, and may be useful in some posing
  • KGloves (cr2 and obj)
    • Muscular1
    • JCMForeArmBend
  • 'The Crab' Scabbard mount
    • Muscular1
    • Optional version with scabbard and sword pre-parented
    • KHelmet
      • Mask and lenses have separate material zones with included MAT files to make them invisible
    • Shortbow PDW carbine
      • Holosight and silencer have separate material zones with included MAT files to make them invisible
    • Sword
      • RHand & LHand parented versions
      • Back version parented to Back Scabbard
    • Scabbard
      • RSword & LSword parented versions
      • Back version parented to The Crab
    • Hand poses for the Shortbow and sword
    • Partial poses for Shortbow and sword two handed grasps. LH & RH varieties
  • 23 MAT poses featuring variations on the Red/Black theme
  • 21 texture and bump maps ranging from 2000x2000 to 2500x2500

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