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Grrrl! Plus

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Girl is Great, but more diversity is always better! Crank up Grrrl's tooniness, and make her look aged, more expressive, morph her into fantasic creatures, or just tweak her body shape to your liking.

If you have previously purchased Grrrl! You should purchase the Grrrl! Plus Upgrade product rather than this one.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures The Girl
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • New CR2 file including these new morphs..
    other morph injection packages can still be added.
  • 110 new head morphs, including things like:
    • Larger eyes
    • 4 eyelash shaping morphs
    • 12 or more "HairStyle" morphs for quick hair
    • Age morphs
    • Nosferatu upper and lower fangs
    • Buckteeth
    • Missing tooth
    • "Buffy" style vampire brow
    • 2 new elf ear morphs
    • Fishears and 3 seacrest morphs
    • Starears
    • 2 "no ear" morphs to hide the ears under the Girl catsuit
  • 21 new FBM body morphs including
    • separate major limb muscular morphs
    • 3 new breast shaping morphs
    • (Smallbreast2 can also be dialed negative for larger breasts)
    • Thin waist
    • Pregnancy
    • 2 gill morphs in the neck to go with the fishear and seacrest morphs
    • 4 morphs in the body for more
    • "Hairstyle" morphs.. they effect the head and neck
    • Hag Hand FBM for older looking hands
    • New longer nail morph for LONG nails
    • Taper nail morph, to change those long nails into sharp talons!
    • and of course much, much more!
  • Additional new options are:
    • Dialable longer or shorter arms
    • Dialable longer or shorter legs
    • Increase or Decrease head size
    • Increase or Decrease hand size
    • Increase or Decrease foot size
    • Increase hip size
    • Lengthen neck
    • Individually lengthen
    • Index, mid, ring, and pinky fingers
  • Best of all, works with all morph sets, so Girl becomes as versitile as your imagination!

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