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Greek Phalanx Action

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Featuring a Cast of Thousands!

During the Golden Age of Greece, the Phalanx was a virtually invincible force. The Phalanx was a mighty wall of bronze, steel and muscle strengthened by discipline, tactics and heroism. Now you can create more historically accurate scenes of ancient warfare. Greek Phalanx Action will serve as a backdrop to your principal heroes or as a main force in the foreground of your battles.

Greek Phalanx Action is set up with a unit of six Hoplite Spearmen posed in three files and two ranks. From these poses and positions an entire Phalanx can be assembled. Poses can be easily mixed for variety.

The Phalanx poses were designed with the Michael 3 morph for Genesis applied. The Hoplite uniforms and gear at DAZ by Lourdes and Malis are the best and most diverse available. The three Greek sets and one Persian Army set works well with the M3 Genesis figure, a premiere 3D model. They are ideal for creating scenes from the Persian Wars and Greek City State Wars, all the way to the conquests of Alexander.

There are 10 formation actions of six Hoplites carrying, thrusting and casting spears. Two formations have an extra set of three alternate poses for the second rank or as the third rank. Included are five hand poses to facilitate the switching of weapons among poses. Seventy-one poses in all are included.

Dial up a Genesis character and add any clothing or armor set supported by the FREE DAZ Studio Auto-Fit Tool. This tool will also accommodate fits to some mixing of Genesis character features

All Genesis-specific outfits work flawlessly with the poses. A good variety of M3/4 and V3/4 outfits work well with the poses.

See the ReadMe-GreekPhalanxAction.txt and Greek Phalanx Action-Props.pdf in the ReadMe folder for raising an army and for fitting weapons as smart props. Once set, the props will follow all actions in the sets.

Features: 71 Classical Greek Phalanx poses for Genesis featuring M3 outfits.

Additional Information
  • This Product Includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
Compatible 3D Figures Genesis
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 71 Classical Greek Phalanx Poses for the M3 Shape for Genesis (.DUF)
    • Poses support a variety of M3 Outfits

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