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All from this thread...

List of Shader mixer tutorials and recipes

Please noteShader Mixer and Shader Builder are now consistent (by default) in that the brick/block network flows from left to right, like a[n English] book is read. From start (the input - either user or programmatic) to finish (the final output or the root). If you prefer the flow of the network to be in the opposite direction, where the roots/outputs are on the left and all of the inputs flow in from the right, you can change the default for any new shaders in Edit > General Preferences. Each shader can be changed separately in Edit > Shader Preferences.

Hi, I find it very difficult to locate all the snippets of information on Shadermixer in all the different threads. Once found it often becomes hard to find them again. So I have started a list where recipes or tutorials can be found for shadermixer. I'm hoping that others will add recipes and tutorials that they have found.

Some info on what the abbreviations meanThanks ReDave

If you want to change the direction the nodes run look here

Some theory from lakeworks forum on shaders:


Beginners Tutorial by Carnite

Shadowcatcher and Saving Preset Tutorials by Carnite(Video)

Shader Mixer (Daz Wiki)

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Fun with Area lights

Global illumination thread contains many different recipes (In my opinion the best thread I have found so far.)

Point lights

Shadow catcher

recipe to add AO to a surface that uses DS standard shaders:

Gel lights

Caustics/global illumination

Using Elite Textures with DS3A Ubersurface

Tiling fix in Shader Mixer

Stonemason's version of default ds shader + ao recipe

When AO strength is less than 1, the whole object turns grey ]

This is not a bug please see ketthrove's explanation and alternative recipe down below on this page.

Worldspace direction of a surface normal

Toon Shaders

Venetian Blinds

Justthebast Depth Cue recipe

Akhbour's Mood master fix using a depth cue cam

Toon Recipes by ReDave

Rust WIP

Esque's recipe to fill an area of a surface with a color based on UV coordinates with ShaderMixer. (WIP but some interesting info)

Baking with procedurals

Fantastic ideas for doing plaid, argyles and checks by Age of Armor

Animating shaders by Ketthrove

Decoupling ambient from diffuse Nice mini-tutorial by ReDave for Shaderbuilder but it includes a recipe for approximating the effect in shader mixer.

A recipe for using with dirty rounds from ReDave

Fisty's exploration in specular and tie dye recipes

Leather by Saganami

Using Blur

New ambient occlusion network by KaribousBoutique

This thread provides some info on creating the above network

Point Light info and an example from Richard

Another thread on point lights with a recipe from adamr001

Volumetric Lighting(Creating fog) answer by Just the Bast

Volume Functions(Creating Fog)Recipes from Just the Bast and ReDave

3D delight and Renderman documentation:

For those who find Shadermixer a bit overwhelming and for those who want to play with some of the recipes the easy way I have set up a thread for links to Shadermixer presets that have been released. You can find the thread here

If you find any links that I may have missed please either post here or pm me so that I can include them.

Hope this is useful

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