Carrara 64 bit + Linux 64 bit + Wine = awesome

Jetbird D2Jetbird D2 Posts: 76
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Hello there,

For the fellow Linux users who wanted to try out Carrara on Linux today I discovered a very nice surprise regarding the latest update of Wine.
It looks like it finally got quite a good 64 bit support and Carrara 8 64bit flies on my Ubuntu 12.04 64Bit installation.

It literally is a rocket there.

For those who would like to try it on 64 bit systems, I say there is a green light now. 64 Bit support finally arrived working out of the box for Carrara in latest release of Wine and Carrara is wicked cool there (updated on 30.08.2012), so awesomely responsive :)


  • revenger681revenger681 Posts: 155
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    I've been wondering how well C 8 would run on my linux box, hearing your success with it will give me the go ahead to load it up! :)

  • 3drendero3drendero Posts: 1,649
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    Good to know. What version of Carrara, 8.1 or 8.5 beta?
    Any special settings in Carrara?

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