Lantios Appreciation and Belated Happy Birthday Thread (unofficial)

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As many of you read on the old forum, DAZ Published Artist and lighting guru Lantios has turned 18! There was a contest going on which was to have ended sometime after the old forum died, but I haven't seen any continuation since the forum reopened, so I thought I'd start a thread for the following purposes:

1. To provide a place for people to discuss Lantios products and post renders featuring Lantios products
2. To provide a place for people (like me) who didn't get to post their contest entries prior to the closing of the old forum to do so now (note: I have no idea whether the contest is still going on, or whether images posted here will be considered official entries or not...)
3. To give people a chance to wish Lantios a belated happy birthday (if they missed it).

Here's a link to the thread in the old forum:

And here's the image that I put together for the contest...shrunk due to limitations with the new forum. Used Lantios Lights 2 for the boardwalk scene (not for the Cyclorama background). No postwork (except on the Cyclorama background, plus compositing the two parts together, and shrinking it to a width of 800 pixels. Nine Genesis figures (various combinations of Basic Child, M5, a little D3, and some Evolutions morphs) roughly in two-year intervals.

thinking back...looking forward

800 x 450 - 320K
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    I really like this idea with the different ages of Genesis. :)

    I still wanted to wait with posting anything that was inteded to be uploaded into the contest. Lantios had extended the contest deadline to accommodate the migration of the forums. Nobody expected this to take that long...

    I guess that now, as the forum are back, he might adjust the deadline again.

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  • Scott LivingstonScott Livingston Posts: 4,288
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    Nice one! I can definitely see the Ghost in the Shell influence. I imagine Lantios is busy with school/real life stuff...hopefully we'll see him around soon.

  • JohnDelaquioxJohnDelaquiox Posts: 1,144
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    Yeah he is either finishing or just finished Finals.

    hope he did or is doing well

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