'Negative' light spotlights?

I remember a few Studios (or maybe it was Poser or something) ago that you could 'invert' a spotlight and create 'spot-shadows' instead. Is that possible with the current Daz Studio? I want to create definition while keeping the general ambient lighting up.


  • In 3Delight yes, you need to set the Intensity to a negative value. in Iray, at least in the default Photorealistic mode, no - though you could use Canvasses and LPE in the Advanced tab of Render Settings (or just do a separate render) to get a pass for the light you want to make dark, invert the image, overlay it on a straight render with the rest of the lights, set the blend mode to multiply and adjust the opacity as needed.

  • CyrinadiaCyrinadia Posts: 84

    Ah, ok thanks :)

  • macleanmaclean Posts: 2,358

    My old DS cameras & lights tutorial has a section on negative lights.



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