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Here is a list of the active links to some House Mouse Freebies. This list is based off the one at Poser Content Wiki which is unfortunately outdated when the daz forums changed. If you find any issues, or any new links, please add them :-)

A list of House Mouse freebies:

Ratty Mouse (Free base character.  House Mouse clothing won't work, but the props will)
Mimic Ready Mouse
Anthro Eyes

TrekkieGrrrl's Mean Muscular Mouse
TrekkieGrrl's Hamster for House Mouse
Squirrel Tail for House Mouse
Tiny Mouse morph

Second Skin Textures - Garden Mice
Second Skin Textures - Nighty Mice
Second Skin Textures - Beach Mice
Materials for House Mouse Page 4 of Toon Animals

House Mouse Vest
Conforming Ninja outfit for House Mouse
Tuxedo set for House Mouse
Ballgown for House Mouse
Gabbie Mouse Clothing set
Shamousie, an Indian style outfit for House Mouse
Brave Mousie -  an Indian Brave style outfit
Hoodie for House Mouse
Zema Mouse outfit
SWAT vest for House Mouse
Santa Suit for House Mouse
Mousie Coveralls, hard hat and work boots
Beach Attire for House Mouse
Peasant Outfit for House Mouse
Mongol Mousie outfit
Elf Suit for House Mouse

Mongol Mousie Tack for Daz Mil Horse
Aaardvark tack for Mousie

Mongol Mousie Weapons Pack
Mouse Trap

Xaa's House Mouse Mouse House
Flooring for Xaa's House Mouse Mouse House
Cheese House

Xaa's Sardine Can Bed for House Mouse
Mousie Shower for House Mouse
Matchbox and Matches for House Mouse

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    Thankyou for doing this.

    Have added your list to the Compilation list at the top of the forum.

    This is a link to the old list in the archived forum, if you want to check to see if there are any more you hadn't found yet.

    House mouse but unfortunately due to the linitations of the archived forum the links don't work

    I could send it to you in word format which shows the URLs if you did want to go through it

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    Thanks for that Chohole. Went through the list and the only one that I could see that was still live and missing from this one was the Tiny Mouse morph, which has now been added to the top list.

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