Bryce Scenefile download for DAZ’s/DzFire’s “Real Tanks & Containers”

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I made available a Bryce scenefile for download for DAZ’s/DzFire’s “Real Tanks & Containers”.

BUT/ this is the "General" Freepozitory, I'll mention if you don't use Bryce and ONLY want the 2k Texture and Bump Maps I made for the metal 55 gallon drum (“55GalDrumA”) you can grab the .jpg's only right here;

The full Bryce scenefile (minus the drum) is available here;

The “Real Tanks & Containers”. is still FREE until August 2nd so go grab it already here;

Have fun, thanks!


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    edited December 1969 problem....I downloaded the free Tanks and Containers, and all it gave me was the metadata files exe. I tried resets and rebuy and nothing works. It is messed up.


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    Thanks. I'm going to try the texture and bump in DAZ Studio. My download of tanks ans containers worked OK. I got both PC files, not just metadata.

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    @music2u4u - I'm very sure Daz can get it ironed out for ya, at lest you got it in your downloads, to show that you did 'order' it. I'm kinda missing that option we used to have to only show PC or only show Mac files, there is quite a bit going on info-wise when downloading something, lol.

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    AS, Daz3D is changing over to a zip based download system. Eventually all downloads will only be available in a zip, which will mean no need for any distinction, just the one zip file for both platforms. It seems that there isn't really a lot of point in them taking time (that could be used moore profitably elsewhere) to add a filter which will only be needed for a reasonably short time.

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    I got this as soon as I got the email on Tuesday and had no problem with the downloads. There were 4 files (2 PC and 2 Mac) and I downloaded the file I needed, so these nice textures will come in handy. Oh and thanks for the Bryce scene file as well. ;-)

    I suspect the problems mentioned in this, and the thread Cho linked to, have just cropped up today.

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    Yes, and it is all sorted now as well. Seems there was an update, and the files weren't set right, but they are now. Sometimes Daz3D does work on weekends it seems. :coolsmirk:

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    If there was an update, do you think I should download it again? Do you have any idea what the update was?

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    Well I did reset and redownload. Original download I had 2 files, one a .dpc and the other a metadata file. After reset I got only the one file, which was quite a bit larger than the previous.dpc file. I haven't installed, so am not cettain what the difference is, but RH says the metadata is now included in the new download, instead of being separate.

    Possibly relates to the proposed change over from .exe to zip files.

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    OK, that makes sense then. I don't use the metadata files, so I'm not going to bother resetting and downloading again.

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