I can't believe... how jacked up it is... *SMH*

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Just over a week ago, I announced to a group I belong to - that yaaaaay - the NEW & IMPROVED Daz3d.com was coming. Various ones made comments about the last time and the complaints concerning color, layout, yadda yadda yadda...

And I said... oh they'll be fine! Daz hasn't don't ONE upgrade - change that I didn't like. I'm looking forward to it I said. And because of my absolute confidence, I went on to make a purchase DURING the change over, thinking... hey - stores open - I can make a purchase, everything will be fine.


Boy oh boy was I wrong this time. I knew there would be some problems - as a webmaster of a website myself, and a store within it, I know the headaches and unforeseen things that can happen. BUT THIS??? Oh my goodness - what - WHAT happened?

Was this new store not FIRST tried and tested on another server? How can such a professional business, market place like Daz3d - have fallen into such a train wreck? With a store of this magnitude, no wise business man would consider a switch or change that wasn't tested and checked - with loads of standby to SEE TO CUSTOMERS FIRST... just incase!

I find this all mentally draining because in truth, I am GOB-smacked that is would EVER be this bad HERE!!!! Not HERE!??! Rendo did a store change and there was not even a hiccup!

WHOSE idea was this store? This generic - please bear with us message just isn't cutting it.

Come on already... RESET my order! Give me the EXACT prices I checked out with on May 17th with my Paypal account so I can move on with this job I'm needing to do. Holycow... how very disappointing. I will NEVER - not ever - toot and give props EVER AGAIN about a place and how together they are.

NOTHING ELSE - should have been seen to BEFORE you saw about your customers... they should have COME FIRST with a fix or reset. Instead, so many are waiting and waiting and getting hotter and hotter about this messed up installation of something that should have gone better considering the professionals I thought worked here.

Wow... *Shaking my head* Can't get my order activated, can't get it reset - can't get a response - can't get anyone to answer the phone.

Geez... maybe I need to just back off of my spending here to save myself this mess. After all, I do have loads of content, in truth, I need to start using all of my brushes more, and stop jumping and buying at the shiny new goodies. This is crazy.

I'm not even excited anymore - too let down. I can't even cancel my order... just gridlocked!

How frustrating! :down:

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    It was tested, on a couple of different groups, and most of the bug issues didn't show up. DAZ was aware that functionality would be limited - that's the problem with going from a custom system to an off-the-shelf system - but with less time spent patching the framework it should be possible, once the transition issues are dealt with, to add enhancements.

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    PayPal CANNOT be used on only PC Membership purchases, for the Memberships. This is applies to both monthly and annual memberships. Sorry, there are issues with PayPal that we are working on. Till this is resolved PayPal Can not be used for any Plat Club purchase.

    For other purchases from our store PayPal can be used on any other order for any item.

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    You can close this thread if you wish. Finally, my order has been completed and I have my downloaded content.

    I'll pray for you all... you're gonna need it.

    Peace... I'm out!

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    Not you too. You are my ray of positivity and sunshine here in the forums.
    The presence of Mercedesk in a thread cools of more tempers than all the "padlocking" and "post disappearing" by any moderator.

    You're right, this is a really jacked up "upgrade."

    I was one of the beta testers. We reported a number of problems and Daz set about fixing them. They got some of them fixed. At some point we stopped hearing from Daz. Then they told us they made some new decision (can't remember what it was), but after that we (all the people I spoke to at least) couldn't access the beta site. A bunch of us were just as surprised as you all were when the announcement in the Commons of the old forum said "New Website Next Week." We had assumed all the problems were fixed.

    I really never understood the rush to get to the new site. When things were obviously not working, I would have put the old site back up and went back to test the new one some more.

    I feel for Daz and the techs. I would suggest just putting this new site away for a couple of months, let us test and test, listen to our feedback, then put this thing back up.

    Glad you got your order straightened out Mercedes.

    Best of luck!

    P.S. Yes, we have to hose you down with cold water when people put up shirtless M5 renders, but we overlook that.

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    tsarist said:

    Not you too. You are my ray of positivity and sunshine here in the forums.
    The presence of Mercedesk in a thread cools of more tempers than all the "padlocking" and "post disappearing" by any moderator.

    Aaaaaah - I was trying so hard to wait it out. I really was. I should have been more patient, but having to wait 7 days got to me. But, because I am a writer and I have my own store of literature... I have to keep it up - and if I do changes, I have only ME to ask for help, well - I do have a good friend that is a web site architect - simply brilliant at it, I can consult with her. BUT - when I open the store, I baby sit it because I can't afford not to attend to my customers/readers.

    I have NEVER let more than 48 hours go by with an order that didn't complete for some reason. NO - my customer base isn't anywhere NEAR what it is for Daz... so I thought, be patient, chill - give them a few days, they'll correct it.

    :red: Soooo... yeah, I'm human, I got anxious about it. Sorreee... soon as things calm down, this will all be forgotten. But as for pulling it and putting the old one back... they've gone thru too much hell now, and could be close to a total fix - atleast I hope so. I just won't be buying until I KNOW for certain... things are running smooth again.

    Thanks for reminding me that I can be better than I was... :)

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    Mercedesk said:
    ... SIG: [If you have the option of being kind, or being nasty… be kind… please? My choice of weapon in return is sarcasm,

    Yep, sarcasm works, but I just simply start out with it. Saves a step. ;-P

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    Hee-Hee! :-P

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