Question about Launch Anything for DS

This product sounds kind of useful, in that I could put instructions, read-me files and things like that near the content that is associateded with it (is that correct? Or do the shortcuts have to appear in a special directory?).

My questions is, whether or not I could use this to create shortcuts to OTHER DS CONTENT? Like, could I make a folder called "Ultra Comic Book Battle, pg 2) and put shortcuts to all of my props, scenes and lights and even the actual Daz Studio file in that folder?



  • 3dOutlaw3dOutlaw Posts: 1,896

    For the first question, YES, it can Create Content Dir shortcuts to stuff wherever it is on your PC.  You can put it near other content, or leave it where it is.  It will actually move it for you, if you like, just tell it where to move it to.

    Regarding the second...I think if you create a shortcut to some DS a DUF file, it is going to Launch another copy of DS into that file, so NO, I dont think so. An alternative for that, I would just make a Category in DS called, "Ultra Comic Book Battle, pg 2", and add links to those items in that category. 

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