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This is the old list of links to threads offering scripts and plugins for DAZ Studio. All I have done is remove the JLG Shaders, which I know aren't available any more, and replace forum with forumarchive in the links - no other checking to ensure that links in the treads are valid, or that the scripts work, has been done.

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    Application tools
    Scene thmbnails
    Windows shell-extension to show the thumbnails for DS scenes in your file windows.

    Rigid-body physics
    Bullet-engine plugin for rigid body physics in DS32, Windows.

    Content search
    Launch the content search with a custom action.

    Show Log
    View the DAZ|Studio log file in a window

    Beta version, Windows-only application plus script to connect Wiimote to parameters in DS.

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    Scene tools

    mg Scene tools
    Add notes to your scenes, and quickly view textures and their paths. Not yet compatible with recent builds of DAZ|Studio.

    Visibiliy toggle
    Hide/show an item and all parented/fitted items at one go.

    V4 pose-hang fix
    Fix for the frozen progress bar when applying certain poses to a second or subsequent V4 loaded into a scene.

    Content Collector
    Lists the files used in a scene

    Create a surface image showing the motion of a node or plotting points from a data file

    Selection Tools
    Scripts to make and use selections

    Recursive copy/paste
    Copy from/paste to multiple nodes, with options.

    Paste all
    Bug-fix script for DS 3.1, allows pasting copied settings to mutliple items in one operation.

    Toggle Smoothing
    Suspend and restore smoothing for selected figures.

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    Posing tools
    Translate Tool
    Move a selected node by distance and direction

    Move one object so its lowest point is aligned with the highest point of another.

    Scale It
    Scale an object to a set size

    Size Of
    Report the size of the selected object

    Centre of Mass
    Scripts to locate and mark the centre of mass of V4 and A3, as a posing aid.

    Node tools
    Set of scripts for measuring distance and transferring settings between nodes.

    Unlocks parameters en masse, for a bone or figure.

    Magnetise clothing
    A script to run instead of applying the magnetise pose to every piece of clothing fitted to V4, and a script to make similar scripts for other figures that use magnets. Not needed in recent builds of DAZ Studio.

    Mesh position detecting plugin.

    Move one selected node to the location of another.

    Creates a wireframe ghost-clone of an object or figure. Plugin, Windows only.

    Copy viewport's camera/view position to selected node.

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    Animation tools
    DAZ Studio 3 keyframe-editing plugin for Intel Mac and Windows.

    Set interpolation type
    Change the interpolation of keyframes on the timeline.

    Repeat a range of keyframes multiple times on the timeline.

    Speed or slow the animation for a figure or collections of nodes.

    Reduce the number of keyframes for a node.

    Add keyframes to avoid a pose back-propagating to earlier times.

    Create animation of movement with a body part pinned in place.

    IK script that tracks a target node (works for standard limbs only).

    Script to adjust animation to maintain a node's orientation.

    Maintain a node's orientation with respect to another node.

    Causes one node to follow another's movement, but with a delay.

    Add random variations to the position settings of a node.

    Import camera-tracking data from the Voodoo tracking software

    View a property's fames as a curve, smooth them or synthesise a new curve.

    Disable/enable the animation of transforms on a node.

    Orient billboards to always face the camera while remaining vertical.

    Pilot the camera through the scene and record its motion to the timeline.

    Process animated rotations to avoid the wobble DS often introduces.

    Graphically edit the timeline graph for up to six properties on a single node. A plugin, not a script.

    Merge animations for several cameras into a single sequence for one camera.

    Animating steam jet.

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    Camera tools
    Camera autofocus
    Set the focal distance of the current camera to the selected object.

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    Light tools
    Upgrade lights
    Add the improved (now with added falloff!) lights from the Scripting SDK to your scenes.

    Activate lights
    Convert standard lights to the more advanced versions from the scripting SDK (which is required).

    Light Dome Pro helpers
    Two scripts to make managing Light Dome pro easier

    Light panel DS2
    Light panel DS3
    A control panel from which you can configure multiple lights

    Shadow Control
    Temporarily turn shadow-casting off for lights, and back on again.

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    Render tools
    ah Render Plugin
    Plugin with several render management and control options. DS? only.

    Windows tool for adjusting RIB files (for use with the stand-alone 3Delight).

    Saves your scene before starting the render, so that you don't lose it to a crash.

    Render Thumbnail
    Render a thumbnail image

    Render Storage
    Store and retrieve different render settings

    Render profiles
    Script for DS3 for setting render options.

    Render selected frames from an animation or other timeline sequence to separate image files.

    Batch render
    Render all the scenes contained in a single folder with one command.

    Script to produce a batch file to combine an image stack with an animated background.

    TexAnim DS2
    TexAnim DS3
    Script to apply a sequence of images to a surface over a series of frames and render, giving animated textures. Now with a DS3 version as well as the original DS2 version.

    Glow Efftect
    Script to help in the preparation of renders for adding a glow effect in an image editor.

    pwSurface quality switcher
    Quickly change the quality setting of the pwSurface shaders used in your scene for test/final renders.

    RSL to D|S Shader
    A Javascript (not a DS script) to make a D|S shader from an RSL shader.

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    Surface tools
    Bump to Displacement
    Displacement to Bump
    Put the bump settings in displacement and vice versa

    Default shaders
    The standard DAZ|Studio shaders with extra settings made available

    Reset surface shaders to the DAZ Default shader

    Pendragon's shaders
    A suite of new shaders for D|S.

    Animate UV offsets, to allow effects such as water flowing.

    Chrome shaders
    Set of chrome shaders

    A Java applet that creates new shaders from a node-based interface

    Diffuse colour blender
    Combine diffuse colour with the texture for exporting to Bryce without issues.

    Aiko/Hiro mat fix
    Correct the missed zones when applying older third generation figure mat files to Hiro and Aiko.

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    Content tools
    Move Origin
    Change the origin of the selected item

    Windows plugin that allows you to sculpt a mesh with your mouse.

    Create a bend morph for an item, a DForm field can be used to control the effeffct.

    mcj Isosurface
    Metaballs plugin for DAZ Studio

    Mirror DForm
    Makes a mirror-image copy of the selected Dform.

    Copy spline
    Copies the spline (the curve that controls how the strength of a DForm falls off from centre to edge of the field) from one DForm to another.

    Morph Mover
    Change the channel used by a loaded morph so that you can use two different morphs that load into the same channel.

    Safe zero
    Runs the usual D|S zero commands, then fixes the locked joints they cause in Victoria 4 when the Creature Morphs are installed. Not needed in recent versions of DAZ Studio.

    Check textures
    Checks texture paths for validity in unencrypted presets and poses.

    Bryce material fixer
    Modify textures so that settings which rely on a mixture of texture and diffuse colour will export to Bryce correctly

    Create new props from a profile within DAZ Studio.

    Extrude a shape along a path

    Create an OBJ with user-definable spikes showing the normals on the selected item.

    Spawn morphs
    Combine the currently set morphs into a single new morph.

    Create a morph from an image map.

    DForm morph fix
    Repair the link from a root control to a morph spawned from multiple morphs in D|S

    D|S ERC bug fix
    Make a modified version of a CR2 to get around the freeze-on-load bug with a few figures, such as the Millennium Dog and Apollo, in D|S 2.1.13

    Shader preset fix
    Fix Shader presets saved from D|S and 1.5.1, subject to constraints.

    uberSurface to HSS
    Convert materials presets using uberSurface (DS 3 Advanced) to use Human Surface shader (free with Stephanie 4 base).

    Morph tools
    Plugin for DS3 combining the old Spawn Morph, Morph to CR2 and Create INJ scripts.

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    Import/export tools
    XprssnMagic Importer
    Allows the use of XpressnMagic in D|S

    Hair - parent to fit
    Clean up script, if you load figure hair from an HR2 this unparents it and fits it instead.

    MAT Exporter
    Export surface settings in a Poser mat file (not working in DAZ Studio 3)

    Create Poser Matfiles
    Export material settings in Poser format, or DAZ Studio 2 format. For DS 3.

    Prop exporter
    Export props from DS as pp2 files.

    Magnet exporter
    Export DForms as Poser magnets, in pp2 files.

    [url=http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/daz-studio-add/poser-format-exporter?item=8040&cat=341&_m=dPoser format exporter
    Save figure poses in Poser format - now exports animated poses

    Prop Pose exporter
    Export poses for props in Poser format.

    Convert .dsa pose presets into .pz2 files for Poser.

    Export animated cameras as a PZ3 file for Carrara or Poser.

    Export cameras for Blender.

    mjc Blender Kit
    Render animated DS scenes in Blender/Cycles.

    PMD importer
    Load morphs in Poser 6+'s PMD format.

    [url=http://forumarchive.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?p=649451#649451Inj/Rem maker
    Turn a custom morph into an Inj/Rem pose pair usable in Poser or DAZ|Studio

    Morph to CR2
    Makes a copy of a selected CR2 including a selected morph (very useful for things like The Tailor and Morph Magic).

    Quick save
    Save a scene without rendering the thumbnail image - useful for complex scenes.

    Prep DS files
    Add extra files to allow DAZ Studio scripts and scenes to be access from a Poser library folder.

    Export UV template for selected nodes or materials.

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