Creating Morphs with Sculptris

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Has anyone had any luck creating Genesis morphs with Sculptris? I really like the way the software works but I haven't been able to create a working morph from it.

This is what I did.

1) Export genesis figure as .obj with resolution set to Base and subdivisions set to 0
2) Import .obj into Sculptris and edit it without changing the geometry.
3) Save .obj file.

Then in Daz studio I used Morph Loader Pro to load the morphs from the scultris edited obj. Daz then tells me the morph has been successfully created but when I activate the morph.... things get all explodey.

If I load the .obj file and look at it, everything looks fine.

I've even tried sending the obj to Hexagon, then sending it back to DAZ as a morph but it still gets all explodey when applied.

I'd really like to be able to use this software because I find it has much better sculpting than Hexagon does.

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    The vertex order has been changed, I think, though given the way everything is skewed it's possible there may be a different preset being applied to import and export, giving a change in axes - is that the morph at 100%? People have created morphs with Sculptris, I think - as I recall there was a thread on it in the old forums.

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    check this topic,, if someone has solution to use symentric in sculptrist with keep vertex order?

    if you changed it in sculptris, the obj can not use as morph, even if you send hexagon and import again.
    ( i did same thing so many times before ^^; and just give up use scupltrus for making morph,, I need symentry,,)

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    Such a bummer because everything else about that program shows great promise. The only other thing I can think of would be to first create Genesis morph that corrects the symmetry creep in the figure and then create morphs from that form. But adjusting every point in the Genesis figure that is off symmetry would take forever

    I also noticed in that one tutorial image it looks like the mesh he was modifying was just the head of the genesis figure (without eyes and teeth). Is it possible to remove a body part of the genesis figure and then modify just that portion as a morph?

    That would be really handy, especially if there's no symmetry creep in the head.

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    Hi,, actually I know one tools which can change not symentric morph for genesis to symentrical morph.
    without change vertex order, and poligon counts.^^;

    it works almost perfefctly for me,,, (it can be useful when you make JCM about right , and make JCM for left part)
    with some option, (you can swap too)

    so if you made morph by sculpture about genesis, tweak and adjust only right part, (not use symentrical option)
    then apply the tool, change obj symentrical shape. you can get symentrical morph.

    I do not hope to make direct link to download , but you can serch tools from his sight.

    and download MTmirror (It is great tool,,) by MASA

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    What is the name of the tool I should search for? A morph to eliminate the symmetry creep in Genesis would be infinitely useful.

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    from left menu,,
    download>other tool section, you must find it.

    yes,, it must be useful. I can not make symmetly morph target obj without this tool ^^;

    of course It can MIrroer copy, left to right or right to left ,and make perfect symmetly shape.
    ,,,then,, It can swap morphtargets too. so if you make morph targets for pozed genesis obj
    (eg right eye close and adjust shape) you can make morph left eye close.

    I use MT mirroer 2 with windows 7. but aftaid if you use MAC PC? I think there seems no mac pc version.
    (but,,,, I can not support about this tool, if you get problem,,of course, if you ask I can tell what I know .)

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    Is there any documentation on how the MT-Mirror software works. I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do with it.

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    yes,, I understand ^^; maybe poser user know about it well.
    but when first download this tool, I can not understand clearly.

    then,,,OK,,, now I show you,,

    1. you need click Opne Base.
    you need to select your base figure obj which you want to make morph target.
    from file exprorer,, so now I use genesis. (basically,, it must be zero figure, zero poze,
    non sub-D I think)

    I saved genesis already as obj.with 100 % scale.from ds 4.5.

    then,, it may be tell you,, some points are not symmetly,,,
    so correct it (I did not know,, it is true or not,, just select yes)

    it must be succeed,, "OK: symmetry H=19296 E=5 LVL=101"

    2 next you select your morph target obj, (which you made by scuptris
    of course it must need same vertex counts, and keep vertex order, I think)

    click Open Mt button .
    about this case,, I select jcm for r-collerbend,, tklady1rcollerbend.obj,,

    3 if your obj is keep vertex order, and counts, it return OK ^^;

    4 now ,YOU can Mirror R to L, or L to R, (these are used to make
    symmetry shape )

    or Swap.

    I have never used other reset L or reset R,
    maybe It just reset L side to original base figure shape. I think^^;
    but do not know.

    5 if sucdeed, it return OK, and may told you, process has finished.

    6 simply click save button only with check (vertex only (for Mt)
    it apply moprh name auto,, eg MirL or MIr R with your morphobj.

    so you can easily find it when you load it.

    I believe after that,, You have already known how to use your mirroerd obj to make morph for genesis.

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  • ghastlycomicghastlycomic Posts: 2,370
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    WOOHOO! Thanks, it works great. Now I can use Sculptris for making symmetrical morphs. This is awesome!

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    This tool is absolutely awesome. Now I can use Hexagon for the modelling of some advanced morphs... ;-).

  • TapiocaTundraTapiocaTundra Posts: 268
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    I love tools like this, good stuff.

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    this should be added to the DS tutorial list :)

  • ghastlycomicghastlycomic Posts: 2,370
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    Yeah this really is an amazing tool. I've made some neat morphs with Sculptris with this tool.

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