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Fantasy and Sci-Fi Effects

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Zap, sizzle, crackle, and glow! This effects set provides a large variety of dramatic and beautiful fantasy and sci-fi effects-- magical shields, glowing barriers, lightning bolts, muzzle flashes, and more. The set consists of five figures, each with its own array of features and possibilities (see Features List below).

Easy to Use. Just load in the effect figure you want, size and position it, apply a MAT file (or a D/S material preset), and render.

Easy to Animate. All figures are either poseable or have components (bodyparts) that can be independently sized and positioned.

Easy on Resources. Total polygon count for all figures is less than 5,000.

No Grey-Out or Dark Edges. Although effects look best against a dark background, they render nicely against light backgrounds, too-- see Popup 8.

Versatile. 75 presets for a wide variety-- and you can create many variations merely by moving and resizing the components (see Popup 7). You can also create your own custom effects by changing ambient color, switching transmaps, or even creating your own maps. (Customizing requires knowledge of material settings in Poser or surfaces settings in DAZ Studio.)

Works in Poser 4, 5, and 6, as well as in DAZ Studio.

The following products were used in the product images but are not included:

  • DAZ: Michael 3, Freak, M3 Body Suit, DV Fighter, Pirate Pack for M3, Dark Corner of the Dungeon (by Stonemason), Notthar Armor (by Vampir3Princess and Lesthat), Science Fiction Firearms and Modern Firearms (by Questor)
  • blondie9999: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Effects, SkySystem, SkySystem Backgrounds, Even Freaker! Morphs for the Freak
Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Figures:
    • Flex Effect (Poseable Figure). See Popup 1.
      • Uses: Lightning Bolts, Energy Bolts, Exhaust Trails.
      • ERC Controls for Bend, Curl, and S-Curve
      • 12 Effects Presets
    • Flared Flash (Articulated Figure Consisting of Three Cylinders and Two Flat Panels). See Popup 2.
      • Uses: Magical Zaps, Sci-Fi Muzzle Flashes
      • ERC to Change Width and Length of Panels and Diameter of Two Main Cylinders
      • 10 Effects Presets
    • MultiCylinder (Articulated Figure Consisting of Four Slender Cylinders Inside Two Wider Cylinders). See Popup 3.
      • Uses: Create Glowing Tanks, Tubes, and Other Stuff for Your Magician, Alchemist, or Mad Scientist.
      • ERC to Size and Position Cylinders
      • 7 Effects Presets
    • MultiSquare (Articulated Figure Consisting of Four Square Panels). See Popups 4 and 5.
      • Uses: Portals, Barriers, Magical Shields, Mandalas, Wall Decorations-- Even a Mystic Doorway to Another World. You Can Also Use It to Add Your Own Images to Your Scene-- Just Apply Any Square Image to Any of the Four Panels.
      • ERC Controls:
        • Spread Layers Apart Side-to-Side, Front-to-Back, or Up-and-Down;
        • Relative Rotation on X, Y, or Z Axis;
        • Tandem Rotation on X, Y, or Z Axis;
        • Relative Scaling;
        • Group Scaling on X or Y Axis
      • 34 Effects Presets
    • MultiSphere (Articulated Figure Consisting of Four Spheres). See Popup 6.
      • Uses: Lightning Balls, Glowing Globes, Rainbow Bubbles, even Christmas Ornaments.
      • ERC Controls:
        • Spread Spheres Apart Side-to-Side, Front-to-Back, or Up-and-Down;
        • Relative Rotation on X, Y, or Z Axis;
        • Tandem Rotation on X, Y, or Z Axis;
        • Relative Scaling;
        • Group Scaling on X, Y, or Z Axis
  • Maps and Presets
    • 123 Transparency Maps and 60 Color Maps (Mostly Color Gradients)
    • For Poser: 75 MAT Pose Files to Create Effects, Plus 9 'Reset' Pose Files for Resetting Colors, ERC, Translation, Rotation, Etc.
    • For DAZ Studio: Material and Pose Presets to Achieve the Same Effects as the Poser MAT Pose Files (Plus Same 'Reset' Files)
Resource Files

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