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sku: 4055



..My craft is breathed into the fox
When, a red cub, he snarls and plays
With his red vixen. Yea, I am
The wolf, the hunter, and the lamb;
I am the slayer and the slain,
The thought new-shapen in the brain.
I am the ageless strength of rocks,
The weakness that is all a grace,
Being the weakness of a flower...

--Nora Chesson

The sword is passed to Aiko and she takes her place in the Dagon clan. With these extraordinary clothing pieces and weapons, Aiko is transformed from mild mannered 'anime' girl to a new brand of warrior.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Aiko 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • 5 Conforming Figures
    • Pants (cr2 and obj)
      • Realistic
      • Young
      • TummyOut
      • HipSmall
      • WaistNarrow
    • Boots (cr2 and obj)
      • Realistic
      • Young
    • Shirt (cr2 and obj)
      • Realistic
      • Young
      • BreastSize2
      • BreastSize3
      • BrstCleavage
      • TummyOut
      • WaistNarrow
      • JCM right&left CollarBend
    • Scabbard Harness (cr2 and obj)
      • Realistic
      • Young
      • BreastSize3
      • BrstCleavage
      • JCM right&left CollarBend
    • Gloves (cr2 and obj)
      • Realistic
      • Young
      • JCM right&left ElbowBend
  • Props
    • Cleaver Sword(pp2 and obj)
      • Right Hand, Left Hand, and for Scabbard smart props
    • Cleaver Scabbard (pp2 and obj)
      • Smart Propped to Scabbard Harness
  • Hand grasp poses and partial two-handed grasp poses for the Cleaver
  • Textures
    • Brown: Mottled brown leathers with intricate gold leather inlays
    • Green: Brilliant green and amethyst velvets with gold scrollwork
    • Red: Deep red and blue leathers with Oriental inspired detailing and patterns
    • Rust: Rusty metallic leathers with rust colored leather studded with rivets
  • 30 high resolution texture maps
  • 2 reflection maps
  • 4 bump maps
  • MAT poses for easy texture application and changes
  • Dagon and Dagonessa textures are interchangeable
Resource Files

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