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Complete World-Village for Poser

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World-Village is a complete 3D village that installs within both Poser 5 & 6 and DAZ|Studio. With this incredibly realistic village environment inside Poser or DAZ|Studio, you will feel like you are truly in another world. World-Village consists of several stores, a bank, a town hall, a hotel, a church-like building and houses.

There are 10 main buildings (12 with variations) plus two detailed textures for each building.
NOTE: A template for each building is provided for artists who wish to create their own textures.
Each building also has inner walls with opening main doors and wooden pathways outside.

This comprehensive and detailed village is more than an architectural prop, it is a complete town for Poser and DAZ|Studio and the ideal setting for all your favorite DAZ characters.

The general theme of this village is like a quaint tourist village or a frontier town, however you are only limited by your imagination.

You can have as many buildings as you like in your town and you can arrange them however you choose. There is also an example pre made village scene included.
NOTE: You need the Worldbase-Xtreme Kit to use this scene properly.

The village is best suited to run inside the Worldbase-Xtreme Kit for Poser 5 & 6 and DAZ|Studio, that way your village is set in a spectacularly realistic 3D environment complete with beautifully tiled grounds, ultra dimensional skies above and realistic background hills and scenery.
The possibilities are endless, you can even build several villages and join them together by roads and highways, the Worldbase-Xtreme kit is big enough to allow this type of environment in Poser and DAZ|Studio.

Plus, you can also add in all those extra sets and props that you already have including trees, forests, cars, buildings, hills, mountains, roads and more!

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Designed to work within Poser 5 & 6 and DAZ|Studio (not Poser 4)
  • Installs perfectly inside the Worldbase-Xtreme kit
  • Offers true 3D Village scenes with incredible versatility and high-quality texture mapping.
  • Can install any number of stores, banks, shops, steeple buildings, houses, etc.
  • 12 separate main building models and props with opening doors.
  • 72 MAT files for changing textures.
  • 40 Ultra-realistic, high- resolution textures.
  • 19 Templates for creating your own textures.
  • Includes an example village scene with 22 buildings and a 500 frame animation.

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