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CatGirl for Aiko 3

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sku: 2903



Watch out Big Cat there's a new Cat in town!
This Kitty wants to play! but watch out for those claws because Kitty can scratch! Her Claws are retractable though so she can play nice too. She has a fully posable tail with EasyPose dials to make it easier. Her big long hair is fully posable with additional morphs to help in posing, it can also be used with the additional bow to make a very cute ponytail. This hair style is not only for Catgirl, it also contains a morph which adjusts the hair to cover the cat ear holes.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures Aiko 3
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • CatGirl Gloves (.cr2s and .obj)
  • CatGirl Boots (.cr2s and .obj)
  • CatGirl Hair (.cr2 and .obj)
  • CatGirl EasyPose Tail (.cr2s and .obj)
  • CatGirl Whiskers & Ears (.cr2s and .obj)
  • CatGirl Collar (.pp2s and .obj)
  • CatGirl Big Bow (.pp2s and .obj)
  • Whiskers & Ears figure contains a full set of MCJs to move the whiskers with every Aiko mouth movement. (these dials must be moved manually in P5)
  • Included Morphs:
    • Muscular Full body morph
    • Realistic Full body morph
    • Full Figure Full body morph
    • Voluptuous Full body morph)
    • Several Hair morphs, including Ponytail and regular figure morphs
    • Several Bow Morphs to move the Bow
  • Fully Detailed Texture maps, formatted for P4, PP, and P5
Resource Files

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