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    [close] AprilYSH Bio
    • April Yaneza Santos Hermans
    • Year of the Tiger
    • North West Australia
    • Poser, DAZ Studio, Photoshop, Hexagon, Modo

    AprilYSH has been a 3d hair stylist since 2001. Living in the dry, isolated north-west of Australia, April finds her creative outlet in digital content creation.

    "I got hooked on Poser and DAZ via AD&D role-playing games and wanting to render dragons and my character portrait. I got stuck on hair! I like the modelling, tolerate uv mapping, relax with texturing, and abhor "poserising.""

    "I graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree majoring in software and have worked in defense, financial, and banking industries. I love to travel. I'm into volleyball despite being vertically challenged (short) and I'm still a slow learner at snowboarding. I'm a classic ISTJ. I think I'm somewhat pedantic and boring, but my close friends and family would defend me against that statement! I am married to my high school sweetheart and our daughter is in highschool."


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