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Airspeeder from 'Daedalus'

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Captain Andros Silverwing shifted his tired frame in the seat of the military Landporter that was delivering him to his ancestral home, after a week's mission had gone sour. As his eyes spied the air garage, he hoped that a cruise in one of his Airspeeders might expel the lackluster taste of the report to his disappointed C.O. Dismissing the soldiers coveting his beauties, he reclaimed possession with hands that sensuously caressed the gleaming finish on his Duotone triad in blue, burgundy and racing red. Sybaritic fingertips lightly followed the painted flames lapping up the sides of his remaining jewel-toned pets. The antigravity units adapted to his weight in the vehicle as Andros pulled himself behind the wheel, gripped it tightly and roared out of the hold at top speed, rattling anything unsecured in the garage. Making his way to the skyways, he hoped, no, he uttered a fervent, blasphemous prayer that he would meet up with the Scrappers that ruined his mission and his record. He had no intention of evening the score. He meant to put things solidly in his favor. Suddenly, Andros was no longer tired.

Additional Information
Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
What's Included & Features
  • Vehicle Smartprops:
    • Dragon hood ornament
    • Eagle hood ornament
    • Abstract hood ornament
  • Morphs to help you accomodate other figures:
    • Driver seat forward
    • Driver seat down
    • Passenger seat forward
    • Passenger seat down
  • A variety of material zones and settings for maximum versatility.
  • Two Hi-res textures sets for the Airspeeder with a variety of colors. Material zones allow mixing/matching.
  • MATs for tail crest interchangeability.
  • Flame props by Steve Nichols, Will Dupr´┐Ż and Cris Palomino not included.
Resource Files
Rocket Fuel