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The Daz Season Pass

Get early releases, exclusive live tutorials, render contests, free items, and forum flair that will make you stand out from the crowd and MUCH MORE.
Season Pass will run from:
April 5, 2021 to June 6, 2021

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Base Characters

Get an early release on 5 upcoming Base Characters

  1. Brooke 8.1

  2. Jacqueline 8.1

  3. Jazz 8.1

  4. Jada 8.1

  5. Fred 8.1

5 HD Add-Ons

Get an early release on 5 upcoming HD Add-Ons

  1. Brooke 8.1 HD Add-On

  2. Jacqueline 8.1 HD Add-On

  3. Jazz 8.1 HD Add-On

  4. Jada 8.1 HD Add-On

  5. Fred 8.1 HD Add-On

Introducing Forum Flair

Stand out from the crowd with Daz 3D Forum Flair

It will appear next to your name in the Daz Forums and let others know that you are a Season Pass holder.
It will also act as a “ticket” to enter your renders into the Season Pass Contests*.

  • Buy the Season Pass in the first week to get the Platinum Flair
  • Buy between April 13-20 for Gold
  • Buy between April 21-May 30 for Silver

Platinum Pass
Forum Flair

Gold Pass
Forum Flair

Silver Pass
Forum Flair

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** Season Passes are non-refundable

** Season Passes are non-refundable

How it works:

Use your early-accessed Base Characters in our Season Contests
to GET YOUR DESIGN FEATURED by Daz throughout the site and promotional material and more!

Submit your render by JPG format to [email protected].

The awards will be in the following structure:

Contests exclusive to Season Pass holders

Champion! The winning render will receive Champion Forum Flair, $100 store credit, and their render put on our Season Pass landing page and used in Daz Promotions.

Runners-Up! Each Runner-up (2) will receive Runner-Up Forum Flair, $25 store credit, and their render used in Daz 3D advertisements and promotions.

See below for current contest dates and results.
Renders must include one of the base characters released during the Season Pass. Render must include the designated base model below.
** Season Passes are non-refundable

Season Pass Contest

How to Enter:

Who is eligible:
Fred Contest winners have been posted!

Image Guidelines

Season Pass Contest Render

Fred Contest winners have been posted!

Email Your Render

Email your render in JPG format to
[email protected]
with the subject “seasonpass” along with your name and title of your artwork

Submit your entry

Fred Contest winners have been posted!

How entries will be judged:

Entries will be judged by Daz employees and will be based on lighting, texture, and the theme of “Your Late Night Host With The Most.”
So show us what you got! All entries must include the current model of Fred 8.1 as the focal point of the render.

Scott Vincent

Digital Manager

Brannon Laveder

Lead Design

Kristen Rosario

Brand Manager


The top 3 renders will be selected as the Champion (1) and Runners-Up (2)

Champion Flair in the forums

$100 store credit

Render featured on the Daz Season Pass

landing page and Daz advertisements

Season Pass Runner-Up Flair in the forums

$25 store credit

Art featured in Daz Advertisements

Fred 8.1 Contest Winners!


And on tonight's show, the stars of Season Pass

Artist: Kenzie

1st Runner-Up

So, where you two first met?

Artist: Domen V.

2nd Runner-Up

On Stage

Artist: Embious

Jada 8.1 Contest Winners!


Finding Trouble

Artist: Embious

1st Runner-Up

City Streets

Artist: Rafaeldew

2nd Runner-Up

Photo Op At City Park's Edge

Artist: 7thStone

Jazz 8.1 Contest Winners!


One crook and my lunch to go!

Artist: Kenzie

1st Runner-Up

Keepin' the Facade

Artist: Bennie Woodell

2nd Runner-Up

The Sting

Artist: nofuturetomorrow

Jacqueline 8.1 Contest Winners!


Free Sunshine

Artist: Rafaeldew

1st Runner-Up

Summer of Aquarius

Artist: Embious

2nd Runner-Up

Dancing With Herself

Artist: Chris C

Brooke 8.1 Contest Winners!


Queen of New York

Artist: Kenzie

1st Runner-Up

Delete or Not Delete

Artist: Abstract Soul

2nd Runner-Up

Master of All She Surveys

Artist: KJ Woodman

Posted names are chosen by the winning artists