Reality 4.3 - DAZ Studio Edition

Reality 4.3 - DAZ Studio Edition

  • $49.95
    • Reality 4.3 - DAZ Studio Edition by: Pret-A-3D, 3D Models by Daz 3D
    • $49.95
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15
    Install Types:
    • DazCentral Manual Install
    Artist: Pret-A-3D
    Compatible Software: Daz Studio 4.15
    Install Types: DazCentral Manual Install
  • Details

    Made for the artist

    The best realism possible for DAZ Studio and Poser with the easiest, most enjoyable workflow. Nothing else comes close.

    Reality is a rendering solution that extends DAZ Studio and Poser providing the most advanced Physics-Based Rendering system in the market.

    Reality has built-in physics-based materials. At any time you know what kind of material your editing.


    Stunning results



    Top 10 reasons to use Reality:

    1. The most accurate Physics Based, unbiased rendering system, based on LuxRender, the benchmark of quality in the field.
    2. The easiest material editor in the industry.
    3. Non-blocking rendering: continue working in DAZ Studio or Poser while the render runs.
    4. Adjust the light’s intensity and color while the render runs.
    5. Adjust the scene’s exposure while the render runs.
    6. Use GPU and CPU acceleration at the same time.
    7. Use GPUs from nVidia, AMD, or other brands, and you can mix them together.
    8. Apply film emulation to create a new, more filmic look
    9. Physically-Based Materials make it intuitive to edit your scene. No confusing nodes or endless lists of properties
    10. Run multiple renders at the same time.
    11. Procedural textures that can be used to amazing patterns with a few clicks.
    12. Same interface whether you use DAZ Studio or Poser.
    13. Automatic presets simplify your workflow.
    14. Share material presets with other Reality artists.
    15. Use the same presets in the DAZ Studio and Poser editions of Reality.
    16. Stop and resume the render at any time.
    17. Unlimited network rendering, even with mixed OSes (Mac OC, Windows, and Linux machines).
    18. Fully documented.

    Reasons #11 to #18 were bonus ????

    Automatic Material Conversions

    Reality automatically converts Poser and DAZ Studiomaterials, including the latest shaders. From the moment you call Reality you are ready to go.




    Power at your fingertips

    You can change the type of a material with with one click. Here we see how simple is to select photo-realistic Glass.

    Converting a material to glass

    Automatic presets make your life easier

    Reality includes many presets that load automatically whenever you use a certain model/texture combination. More are available from our marketplace.

    Great materials

    Reality’s physics-based materials are a snap to use and you can count on the following types, all included in the program:

    • Skin, with automatic SSS
    • Glass:
      • Simple
      • Standard
      • Hyper-realistic
      • Frosted
    • Metal
    • Mirror
    • Water/Fluids
    • Cloth
    • Glossy
    • Velvet
    • Matte

    Fantastic material presets

    Reality includes a great library of presets including great Car Paint, Metals, Latex, Gemstones and more.



    Rendering without limits

    Reality renders your scene via an external app, so that you can go back to Studio or Poser while the image renders in the background. You can continue making changes to your scene as much as you want, or even start a new scene. You can also stop the render and restart it hours later and it will resume exactly from where it was stopped.

    Freedom of choice

    Reality supports both DAZ Studio and Poser, both Mac OS andWindows. Each license gives you access to the OS X and Windows version. Both 32- and 64-bit systems are supported as well.

    No “spaghetti” shaders

    Ever looked at a node system and got discouraged by its complexity? We understand the feeling. There are no nodes in Reality, no unwieldy list of parameters. Reality materials are simple. They use less technical terms and few properties. You still get all the power of an advanced material editor, just without the aggravation of those other systems.

    Click the video below to see how easy is to change lights while rendering.

    What's Included and Features

    • What’s new since version 4.0:
      • Up to 20 times faster CPU rendering with seamless integration of LuxRender new rendering modes
      • GPU+CPU rendering via OpenCL (64-bit, Windows only)
      • LuxRender directly included with Reality
      • Advanced Multi-edit, to intelligently change textures, material types, and presets on multiple materials simultaneously
      • One-click editing of Color and Image map textures
      • New Universal Presets, including several Car Paint materials
      • Automatic conversion of iRay shaders (DAZ Studio Edition)
      • Customizable Top Coat channel for the Skin material
      • Ability to simultaneously use Normal maps and Bump maps in a material
      • One-click disabling/enabling of SSS
    • New features
    • The following list highlights some of the top new features of Reality 4:
      • New Skin material with SSS (sub-surface scattering)
      • Light Emitting Materials
      • Non-blocking interface: keep Reality open while you work in Studio
      • Procedural textures: unleash the power of LuxRender to new levels
        • Bricks
        • Wood
        • Checkers
        • Clouds
        • and more!
      • Mix textures together for astounding effects
      • Six Water ripple presets and the ability to create your own
      • Automatic Presets library with presets for V6, M6, V4, and many others. Presets work between Studio and Poser
      • Material library with presets for Metals, Jade, Latex etc. Make your own and reuse any time. Share them with other Reality artists
      • User-defined volumes that can be assigned to any shape
      • Cloth material
      • Glass caustics
      • Material synchronization
      • Easy export-import of material presets
      • SmartIBL direct support
      • Simpler light editor
      • Support for Studio instances
      • And much more
    • 2016-01-27 - Updated to version 4.2.1
      • Simpler than before. The scene file name is gone. Now, all you have to do is to specify the image file name that you want and then click the "Render" button.
      • New look is cleaner and makes the Reality window easier to read.
      • Startup scene for DAZ Studio. Load the scene, add your character, select the camera, render. Excellent lighting without effort.
      • Added preset for Poser's Pauline.
      • No math for you! The "Color Math" texture is now called "Texture Combine." A more descriptive name can help.
      • Simpler glass. What was named "Transmission" now is "Tint." Again, a more descriptive name helps in knowing what the property does. Reality is all about being artist-friendly.
      • Metal improvements. The default Metal conversion renders more realistically than before and it automatically enables the "Custom Metal" option if the host's material had an image map in it.
      • Copy/Paste commands added to the right-click menu, as they were in Reality 2.x.
      • Added the ability to use an Automatic Preset just to change the material type.
      • Added option to use TIFF files for IBL.
    • Important bug fixes:
      • Camera synchronization between DAZ Studio and Reality is now fixed.
      • Camera issues when loading a DAZ Studio scene have been resolved.
      • Error message about "no light source" when loading a scene saved with Reality 4.0 has been resolved.
      • Improved reliability of the light editor.
      • Fixed bug that prevented using bump maps with the Water material
      • Posing controls from Poser 11 would appear in Reality. Fixed.
      • Many other fixes.
    • Updated to version 4.1.1:
      • Texture tearing, which could happen with accelerated modes, has been resolved
      • For the Poser edition we have added support for OS X 10.11 "El Capitan"
      • Anti-aliasing for the "Extra Boost" option has been improved
      • The Windows self-extracting distribution files now have a graphic UI and they ask for a destination folder for the expansion of the archive
      • 2015-12-20 - -
        • Fixed geo-grafting for DAZ Studio
        • Fixed bug that prevented rendering multiple hair props and other props in Poser
        • Added synchronization of the Diffuse texture
        • Added morph to scale the gobo of the mesh light
        • Added morph to scale the snoot edge of the mesh light
        • Added workaround for LuxRender 1.3 bug that causes textures to be lost when using Pure GPU rendering
        • Changing the size of the sun now shows in LuxRender
        • Fixed bug that prevented editing the sky intensity and type
        • Fixed restoring of light presets when loading a saved scene
        • Recognition of new materials is now immediate
        • Changed LEM (Light Emitting Material) naming to separate each LEM for each object
        • Slight change in the how Generic Presets work so that the cornea of characters defaults to clear glass
        • Numerous fixes to the Reality User's Guide
        • Fixed bug that caused unavoidable crash of Reality when a mirror material had the alpha channel different from default
        • Fixed bug that caused the Automatic Preset to not be restored from a loaded scene
        • Added "Keep UI responsive" flag in the Advanced tab
        • When converting from Color Math to Color, where the Texture A is of type color, the color is preserved
        • Fixed exporting of Mix texture for numeric types, for example, when used for Bump mapping
        • Fixed bug that caused Reality to "forget" a shutter speed of 1/30
        • Increased the limits for displacement
        • Speed improvements
        • Added FLM save optimization (conserves RAM when running Lux)


    • This product includes:
      • Reality 4 - Studio Edition Mac OS
      • Reality 4 - Studio Edition Win32
      • Reality 4 - Studio Edition Win64
    • This product is only downloadable through the Product Library. It is not available through DIM.
    • Requires:
      • OS X: 10.7 or higher
      • Windows: 7 or higher
      • Dual-core CPU, quad-core suggested
      • 2GB RAM, 4GB minimum recommended
      • DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher