Commercial 3D Print License

Commercial 3D Print License:

The standard License Agreement for content purchased from the Daz 3D website allows you to create 3D prints of content, but only for personal, non-commercial use. Some (not all) content also offers the option to purchase an additional, Commercial 3D print license, which allows you to sell your 3D prints.

Purchasing a Commercial 3D print license for a piece of content allows you to print and sell up to twenty prints of that piece of content. If you need to print more than twenty, or have printed your twenty but now want to do more, contact Daz customer service by opening a support ticket to request the ability to purchase additional commercial 3D print licenses for that piece of content. Some content producers may choose to, or not to allow the ability to purchase additional licenses in this way.

Please click the following link to view full details of the End User License Agreement (EULA) and the rights and restrictions within it. Specifically, section 5.0 of the EULA outlines that additional rights that can be obtained by purchasing a Commercial 3D Print License for any content.

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