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Grimes Music Video

Grimes’ latest music video is for fans and indie creators. She has provided the music, stems and raw footage to get you started making a studio-quality cut, and Daz 3D takes it to the next level by providing 3D assets, camera tracking, pre-keyed footage and tutorials. Now making your own Grimes music video is simple, beautiful and fast, because that’s the Daz way.

Know your subject

First things first, check out the video for
'You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around' and see what Grimes has to say about it here. Find out more about Grimes' award-winning artistry:


Grimes art

the files

Free from Grimes:
  • Premium 4K Green Screen Footage
  • Audio Stems
  • Lyrics
  • Cover Art
Free from Grimes
Free from Daz:
  • Camera Track Files
  • Pre-Keyed Footage
  • 5 Environments
  • Tutorials
Free Daz Bundle

Grimes concept

Get the

We’ve tracked the camera, keyed the footage and hooked you up with premium Daz 3D content. Now you just need Daz Studio so you can start setting up your scenes. Don’t worry, it’s free.

download daz studio
For compositing, we recommend:

After Effects, Nuke, Premiere, iMovie, Vegas, Hitfilm Express

Watch the tutorials

downloading daz getting started daz kit

Since we couldn’t include everything in the Grimes Bundle, here are some of our favorite items for this project at a discount.

Grimes Art Bundle

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