FREE Geometry Shell Toon Outline (GSO) shader. UPDATED: May 19th 2013 - Additional Bugfix.

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Update May 19th 2013: I recently discovered another issue with the Geometry Shell Outline (GSO). Although it was compatible with UberEnvironment's Ambient Occlusion, it wasn't compatible with lights casting Raytraced shadows. You had to turn "Cast Shadows" OFF to stop Raytraced shadows from reacting to it, which in turn stopped it from being compatible with UE's Ambient Occlusion. So, with the help of Richard Haseltine once again, a second Ray Test was added for Transmission this time. Now the shader is compatible with both Raytraced shadows (and presumably depth mapped shadows too) and Ambient Occlusion. Remember to keep "Cast Shadows" turned ON (this is the default setting when creating Geometry Shells).

Please note that the two Ray Tests the GSO shader does may increase rendering times. In my own tests using a complicated light set, rendering time increased by 1 minute when adding a GSO (and that minute was spent on calculations). It goes without saying that the more complicated and higher quality the light setup is, the longer the render will be. Although the GSO is now compatible with complicated light setups, it is strongly advised that you stick to simpler light setups especially when doing Toon work.

Please redownload and reinstall.

Update May 2nd 2013: With the help of Richard Haseltine, the Geometry Shell Outline is now compatible with UberEnvironment's Ambient Occlusion. The Geometry Shell Outline should no longer cause the underlying object to appear darker. If you are still having this issue, please make sure the Geometry Shell's "Cast Shadows" parameter is turned ON. Yes, I know, that doesn't make much sense, I don't fully understand it either, but that's the only way to make it work. :P

The Basic Guide has been updated to reflect this. Please redownload and reinstall.


This is a crosspost from my main Visual Style/Manga Style support topic, just to make sure you guys know it's there. I've taken the Geometry Shell Outline shader included originally with my Manga Style set on the Daz 3D store, made some improvements to it, and have released it for free!

Click here to download the FREE Geometry Shell Outline shader.

Also, be sure to check out the official Manga Style & Visual Style topic for information and support on these two products, step-by-step guides on how to use them, as well as some freebie lights and render settings (Manga Style Freebie Pack 1).

Special Thanks: Gilikshe, and Richard Haseltine.

800 x 800 - 414K
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    Looks great ! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you very much :-)

    [adding more words so post will post] :-S

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    I will DEFINITELY be trying this out! Thanks!

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    Remember, I love seeing what you guys do with my stuff, so please feel free to post renders either here or at the Visual Style & Manga Style topic. Also, like I said at the end of the basic guide, if there are any features missing from this shader or if you are having any problems not mentioned in the guide, please feel free to post here! Because this is a single freebie shader, it's a lot easier for me to fix and update, so feel free to send suggestions this way.

    Also, don't forget to give some love to gilikshe (Daz 3D forum member). If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to do this in the first place (read the included basic guide for the full story).

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    EDIT: This post is now redundant. See below.

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    Hey guys. Sorry for the bump, but as you can see there has now been a very important bugfix update. The Geometry Shell Outline is now fully compatible with UberEnvironment's Ambient Occlusion, and shouldn't cause the underlying object/figure to appear much darker than intended. Please redownload and reinstall!

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    No need to apologize for bumping "for a good reason" which updates always are :-) Thank you.

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    Yet another bug fix, this time fixing a bug that made the GSO shader react to shadows cast by spotlights. Previously you had to choose between using UE Ambient Occlusion or standard shadows, but now you can use both at the same time without issue. Please note however that rendering times will increase based on how complicated your light setup is, as the two Ray Tests (diffuse and transmission, the latter in particular) have to do more calculations.

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    Is this still available because I would really like to get it?

   Found the other thread and the link there worked.

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    Did I miss something, but the dropbox link does not work. I  didn't see another link mentioned...


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